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A puzzle together but all of the individual pieces are grainy and they're dark and pixellated many of them look identical. The majority of the colors are dark tones neutral. There's few hints to tell you what exactly the master image is supposed to be but with a little effort you begin to slowly make out what it is. You finally get enough assembled to realize that the individual slivers put together. Don't make a beautiful image at all the picture you're staring at the one you've spent hours piecing together is of a child being sexually abused. The suspect in the picture has no fear they want. Whoever views this image to know they hold the power in the scenario playing out in the grainy dark pixels. but you don't care. What their motivation. Is you care about one thing. And one thing only finding them and rescuing the victim. But that's going to take work so as hard as it. Is you return to the image. Put your head down and get back to work meticulously piecing more and more of the slivers together. You've got a long way to go. And there are more clues to find clues hidden within the image. That will lead you straight to the crime scene after all. Don't they always say the devil is in the details right now. You've never known that to be more true in today's episode were going into the dark arena of what it's like to parse through child sexual

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