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J. finning. The host of heartbreaking podcast. I think i can consider you a friend like you've helped me out on quite a few things you haven't known each other for that long. I even a year. But i'm fairly new to the podcast. Seen anytime i've had a question you generally been and open on helping me out whether it be like this. This microphone or just general questions sponsor related or anything like that so i wanna i thank you for that and thank you for coming on the show but jay go ahead and introduce yourself to my viewers who don't know anything about. Yeah they probably don't know me. But i off. Yeah you're right. I mean just. I think i'm gonna blame twenty twenty because a lot of kinda came. And i've had my podcast not that long since two thousand nineteen like the second second half of nineteen. But i listen to. Are you supposed to do a lot national shows. That's all. I did all day at work. Is i put on my podcast. I listened to one on the way to work and listen to music but usually just other people talking and through last year. It's like able to connect with so many. we're all indie podcasters. Right grassroots podcast. Connect with so many of them. And then you find the ones within that group that you know you you gel with a little better. Not that you don't like other people but you know what i mean so it's been just as big of a treat for me to interact with someone like yourself you know. Then maybe it was for you just to get some advice. Because i don't know everything. But i don't hide stuff so i don't mind sharing what i know because there's so many of us it's ridiculous for someone to think well if i help you out. You're taking a piece of pie. Fuck on right now Other than that like you said shave finning. I have a podcast heartbreaking. Podcasts is the automotive non-automotive podcast cast and this guy right there we'll tell you that If you're expecting to hear nothing but cars that's not it. You're expecting to hear some stories of life. Some travels a little bit of cars for everyday people. It's my show i can do. Whatever the hell i want. Hey that's right band right. So i try to. I try to. I try to educate people try to share. What who it is. I am and i also try to share whom i guess. Are you know in fact you have a segment a recurring segment. Coming up on our parking podcast. The other side a will. Which is the shorter. Believe it or not or car centric episodes view you know other than that that's Some people know me from my car a lot of people actually from my car. But i'm more than just a car guy go he has. He has one of those miniature model. But that was that are watching. This is a replica of a car. That i mean it was his it is his. It's only gross. Yes in the garage. Not rap like he was saying before reset recording. But so that's a quick rundown on who you are and your show. I want to know and one of the reasons why i asked to. Have you want to know the the everyday j. right. Because i'll be up front when i i found out. I don't even know how i came across your show. Same little podcast group. If you say so. Remember remember. It's kind of hard to miss. That is true. See i've yeah you're right you're right But so in listening to your show. I thought well this is a car guy like he. His day job is something car related quickly. Found out has not the case. Your day job has nothing to do with cars. Can you can say what your day job is. I know you said it before. Some a professional cleaner and so what that really means is. Sometimes i'm asked to come take out the garbage. So i do a lot of flying around the world Clean up a lot of people's messes both financial and political. And usually i it without a trace and it's very lucrative as well but what okay you want you want to know what i tell everybody my cover story coming out saying okay. I tell everybody. I do healthcare. It the world health care isn't going anywhere right. there's a lot of us. We are overhead. So when there's a financial crisis were the first to go somewhere usually But other than that. That's what i do. Yeah i work on electronic medical records with a focus in radiology for one of the softwares out. There i've been doing that since two thousand eight and usually i'm traveling every week since two thousand twelve with occasion of a couple of years that i took a fulltime job or of course last year not allow travel is going on. So that's what i do is my day job. Yeah i remember rather cleaner. I think it was a subcommittee was a kevin smith. Movie like nicknamed code-named the cleaner. Whatever that movie was like some like dunce and like he was got picked assassinate people and whatnot. Starting something code name to cleaner so yeah. That's why bad latin like you. Seen grosse pointe link. now yeah so john cusack it's like It's a funny. I wanna say. It's a nineties movie but as a high school reunion and you know that's what he basically was doing after high school with cleaner. Yeah okay. i'll checked out john cusack. Yeah he was good back in a day. You don't hear about those during his heyday where he was in a bunch of movies and then he had some movie. My wife and i watched where he was. He was based on a true story up in canada when he was basically a mass murder serial murder. And that was pretty good to my wife. Poppy knows exactly what that is Yeah but so. You have this love of the automotive world. Why didn't you go that route careerwise. I think for a lot of because and you heard the episode. Are you a car person or not. I think a lot of us light cars. But we're not so far if you hear noise in the background my nieces over here. We're not so far in cars where it becomes our career now dream job for me. Coming out of high. School was to either work for nike design. Shoes and stuff okay or to design cars transportation of always like transportation. I still like transportation. I

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