UK vaccination drive expands as virus toll nears 100,000


It's inspects the nation program is going strong in the fight to beat the spread of the corona virus as the nation approaches the death toll of a hundred thousand in a country with Europe's west confirmed Karan virus outbreak Britain's vaccination campaign is doing very well but his health secretary Matt Hancock is proud of the speed and efficiency of the program courses all all over eight cities in the U. K. I've been vaccinated which is absolutely brilliant progress health officials aim to give fifty million people including everyone of a seventy a fast facts in short by the fifteenth of February and cover the entire adult population by September hi cook knows the person is far ahead of its neighbors in the race to vaccinate people in just the last three days then fronts for instance has it in the entire in the entire history of this disease however some health experts have questioned the conservative government's decision to give the two boxing dices up to twelve weeks of pots the recommended gap between doses is three weeks in order to offer as many people as possible the first as quickly Karen Thomas London

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