Auschwitz survivors mark anniversary online amid pandemic


A U. S. senator marking the anniversary of the liberation of the **** death camp in Europe says the US needs to be more vigilant against anti semitic and other hate groups Illinois senator Dick Durbin noted the horror found at the Auschwitz Birkenau death camp seventy six years after its liberation place seven comprehensible suffering cruelty and depravity we're more than a million people primarily Jews were exterminated with factory like precision and senator Durbin warns it could happen again noting that among the heat full symbols displayed at this month's capital incursion was a man wearing a camp aus bitte sweatshirt despicable neo **** hate symbol shown during the capital insurrection and the chance of Jews will not replace us three years earlier in Charlottesville Durbin says he is again this year introducing legislation to monitor and cracked down against domestic terrorism groups Jackie Quinn Washington

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