Chicago, parts of US, brace for winter storms bringing more snow, bitter cold

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Five million people are bracing for either snow. Rain dangerously cold temperatures or all three. The wind chill so low in some places. It looks like a typo shaquille. Bruce reports from isis chicago where the arctic air could break record in days ahead tonight. A bitter winter blast weeping across the midwest plummeting temperatures creating hazardous conditions and avalanche in utah near alexander basin prompting air rescues white out conditions in montana in iowa a massive highway pileup tractor trailers flipped a police cruiser in ruins whipping winds plunging. Half the country into a deep freeze the wind chill and might not north dakota thirty seven degrees below zero. It's slightly warmer in minneapolis with wind chills of negative twenty nine and in cincinnati. It's a balmy five degrees. I would say it feels like sandpaper or on base. And he sat out too long lists. Arthur burn a little bit through your genes the brutal temperatures sticking around chicago bracing for what could be its longest consecutive stretch of deep cold in decades. The dangerous temperatures closing all city run cova test sites through wednesday the concern if air can do that. It's not safe for anyone. The february freeze moving east parts of the batter northeast are bracing for an additional eight inches of snow. On top of last week's storm as long as a so's coming down. We're still working another winter. Punch taking aim tonight shock. We just got an update on that avalanche in utah. That's right jose. We just learned in the past few minutes from police on the scene that four people lost their lives in that avalanche. Four others

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