Tesla Buys $1.5 Billion in Bitcoin


I i figured we would mention what seems to be taking over the internet. As far as fans of crypto currency anyway and that is that tesla has purchased one point. Five billion dollars worth of bitcoin and plans to accept bitcoin for its products. And this is bitcoin legs. -i it this says. Btc specifically this is from bitcoin dot com. And that's it says plans to accept. Btc for products. I would have to imagine at some point. He will expand that. But i think i would guess for something like a tesla vehicle that you know the amount you're gonna pay for one of those makes things like the The fees sort of it. Oh okay that's reasonable. If you're going to spend forty thousand on up on a vehicle you know the network fee the transaction fees. You know as high as they get. Sometimes when bill clinton's flying it what is it today. Forty thousand dollars thirty eight. I think it went up to forty four thousand dollars today setting a new record high bounce. It came back down. It was at thirty eight now. It's i think it's back up around. Forty three forty fives has spent. I think forty three most of the day which of course means that the transaction fees are higher. It's gonna cost you more than network is busier now because you more but i would imagine buying something like a tesla vehicle a little bit of extra fee for that type of a purchase. Is it gonna make much of a difference to somebody in that market. But i don't know. I mean play things for the rich. Don't hurt but i don't think it was saito she's primary

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