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Inside of you with michael rosenbaum. How are you today guys going. I'll be honest with you. Ryan stressed ryan's. You're stressed out how there's a certain you're so light and carefree. You're like me a commercial just but you seem a little bit too much on your plate. I'm taking it too much on my plate worried. It might have over extended myself and just overcommitted. Why do you do that. I don't know because it sorta started I guess i was in a transitionary period of my life and i was Accepting a lot of assorted saying yes to all this stuff and then Pandemic cabinet all kept going so for you. It was more like you know. Nice work when you can get it kind of thing and then all of a sudden you're now working too much now. It's very hard to have that balance and especially when you're in a state of flux where you're you're like you know rosenbaum show. But i'm doing these other things and now yet a couple more pieces and now you're like stressed out. You got a relationship. You got all the stuff you gotta edit my show. We'll see what takes priority my show and you know you start to go. Well you know. For instance i got. Somebody is editing. My summertime neighbor video from the album. And he's like hey. I got a few other projects. And i go well. We're releasing this album soon. So i kind of need this don his. Oh i didn't know the. I don't know the urgency of it. So i guess the thing is i'd say freelance editors right now. A lotta schick going on. Yeah good for you. We have somehow and a as much sympathy to everyone who has not been working because this is a terrible time. But i think freelance editors have been in constant demand. Well dam ryan. You know nice work when you can get it. Careful what you wish for. Also you're young. you're eager you're smart you're capable and i think you're going to be fine and not. I had one of those nights last night. I'm sure because. I think you've had some voltage just couldn't sleep just just laid. There just couldn't do it. Will i just got this stuff. I'll give you some. My doctor gave me. It's not prescription. But it's a cbd in magnesium and Boy i really like it. It's just It worked last night. So she'll i feel a little bit tired today but overall it helps you sleep magnesium something you should. It helps you poop to We got a great Guest today before we get into the guest. Wanna thank everybody. Of course for listening to the podcast. And if you're listening. Because you love bob it or you're interested. I hope you hang around. And you subscribe to the podcast ryan. Tell more they can subscribe at inside of you pod on twitter at podcast on instagram and facebook. Those are the handles. And you can also go on on youtube to subscribe to dot com slash inside of you with michael rosenbaum youtube dot com slash inside you with michael resume could also go tapa podcast and please a review believe it or not the algorithms and all that shit helps and this is a show that just wants to grow and i think people get something from it i i know i get something from it. syrupy for me in therapy for my friends. And all my lovely patrons to keep the show afloat and lovely westwood one. Thank you thank you ryan. Thank you bryce. Thank you everybody out there It's it's frigging february. And i can't believe a year has almost passed since this whole covert thing and You know the end is near. I think the the light at the end of the tunnel is i. I could see its flickering. And i just want that fucking vaccine god please. I have to take my grandmother at some point to get vaccinated. Good grandmother just got access. Is michael. I got thaksin. Aided both of them now. I could do still do nothing. Let's get what do you mean. Well all my friends are getting vaccinated. So hopefully we could play some polka. Wow that's good. I'd love to gamble as the first thing you do after coach. Because she does big bucks she won. I think eight dollars. Last time she played high stakes poker. Malaya oh man also if you want to join the lovely patron group all my lovely patients who helped support the show. There's a lot of tears and merch boxes. I send different ones and ask questions to guests. And that's patriot. It's patriot dot com slash inside of you and it's a wonderful family. I love everyone. That's part of it. So thank you but also any merchant want from the inside you store. We've got everything from mugs and t shirts to tumblers and autograph. Lex luther pictures. Yeah here. I mean i figure if you're going to get them you might as well get him from the source small the lunchboxes bunch of shit so anyway without further ado. Why don't we get into bob. Sagging it's my movie listening to inside of you with mike o. Who rose inside of you with michael. Rosenbaum was not recorded in front of a live studio audience. I have a couple of questions is my signal. Okay because i got real low like a spectrum might have a low thing. I could add them. Reboot my modem. If you wanna wait five. Or i think it's pretty good right now. If we go into a problem then i'll have them do it. And i'm hardwired if you know what i'm saying you're all i got was hard. Oh my grandmother are you not and everything else seems good with my life. Your yeah i guess we yeah. Your life seems good science sam. And you gotta be doing good. I mean if you're on sam rubin. Ktla five life. Couldn't be better. He and i go to the same cleaners fosse's and so we see each other there and when we go on i go on there which i do go times a year. Always try to talk about his fuzzy cleaners. We do like an ad. Nauseam get into my businesses. Has business gone up since at fossils not really cover this help because you know dry cleaning where you're going. What what gala are you going to. He's got more energy. i wonder if he does. I mean he doesn't probably. But i think he does red bull. Maybe he's not like one of our a political official a realtor job to get up early in the morning. B hundred four nego- servants bream court. Nothing nothing makes me more anxious than thinking. Sometimes you you meet other people that had obviously different jobs in your. I could never do this. I can never be a morning on air person or even on air. Because i know i will f i could save but i'll say podcast right. I think so. I think i do. You're not sure. Well i try not to f too many times me too and the reason is weird but like i said marc maron on and we couldn't album and and certain comedians egg me on because they know i'll do. It committed to go their point of the aristocrats. I didn't want to do that but they gave me on. And that's like oh finally unpopular is school. I can out you out f you you know. We met with no it. We've known each other. Awhile always miss that. We are not closer that we haven't seen each of the more now or in quarantine were all sappy man grow in this over. We're going to go. We're going to be and we're gonna f you or f each other so much. Better go ahead. Well we didn't meet at this particular place but we have mutual friends. One of your closest friends is jonathan silverman who we love him. So much crammed close. Yeah he's a great guy since he's you know he's married now and with with a kid it's like what do you see on but you get it. It's one of those things you don't miss a beat but i know you guys are incredibly close and we went out one night because you were friends. I believe with the singer that i loved from the seventies eighties. Stephen bishop a love. Stephen bishop l. We went to that guitar. Show wasn't

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