How to Stand Out in a Fitness Revolution with Khalil Zahar


Today we'll be talking about how to stand out in a fitness revolution because we are parts of a fitness revolution. I can tell you that right now. I mean i've got peleton in my gym right here on thinking about getting a mirror i mean. There's there's a lot of things that are going on. In this world it is a revolution so khalil. That leads me to my first question of why boxing like did you see a trend in the boxing space or is this more born from a passion for the sport. Yeah it's a great question. You know our story really tells that answer well so a lot of people know us for fight camp today but we actually originally started with a product called hicks so h. y. k. S which was like a terrible name But basically are. I started boxing in my life. Pretty late when it was about Twenty one years old and you know my background is actually more in soccer. But i really wanted yet. I fell in love with the sport. And i wanted to compete in studying competitive sport. The twenty one years old. It's it's you know you're kind of behind so at that point. I really wanted to shortcut my way to the east of lucien possible. That was very really adamant about you. Know having the best training regimen possible really tried to optimize single aspect of it and that led us know me to do you want to measure myself on a regular basis and there was not a lot of measuring out there for boxing specific stuff so we created this first version of the product. That's our punch trackers you with them on your race. The calculate the types of country throw measures the speed of every punch and you could recreate performance profile it and that went on to be a very successful product elite community you know. We had multiple olympic teams using it a lot of pro boxers in pro ufc fighters using it And then because boxing anime kickboxing Is a very special sports. Where ninety five percent of. It's not like ninety nine percent of the people that engage in it actually don't entering the ring and get hit but just do it for the fitness aspect of it so we can you know our initial products stuttered to spill two very different. You know typical customer and that kind of drought. It drew us into the fitness world. Fire nation. i really want you to just think that. Hey there's multiple ways to kind of make your start. make your splash. Is it because of a trend or is it because of a passion can it. Maybe be a combination of both. I mean that can kind of be where a zona fire lies. And they can really be a spark. And then of course lease to we can flag ration- and khalil for you. Since you started fight camp how have you seen the connected. Fitness industry evolve. How would just are connected to other people live or you know whether we've got stuff strapped on this. This is kind of connecting all of our stats. What we're doing here. I mean are people working from home. Instead of gyms is actually become the norm. Absolute thing it. It will be for portion of the majority of the portion of the fitness community. I think we're still you know like obviously with covid things have been accelerated loved. But you know we really believe that in the long run working out in a workout room makes a lot more sense to have in your home the same way. You actually have living room in the same way. You have a home theater in a big screen. Tv and a kitchen. We think it's going to be an extension part of our living spaces just because it's not something you you you're doing only once a month you know like a good fitness routine will engage in it at least at least three times a week so you know having to add friction every time that you have to do this with the commute and having to hit the class right on time where it starts. We just don't think it's aligned with the frequency in which you have to engage with it so that's one aspect. The second aspect is like home fitness. Home fitness is very popular today but it started a long time ago You know. And i'm sure some people remember jazzercise tai-bo that was really like the the beginning of the category but you know it led to a lot of like scan products especially specifically like in the late nineties. A lot of infomercial at the end of the night like black and white. And you don't train trying to target people that really wanted to buy a dream but now this silly inc a fitness and a healthy lifestyle and i can feel that this new generation of companies are lot more thin. -tic they're genuine. They're offering a better way and they're not targeting someone who's you know trying to press on the fact that you know you may not feel good about yourself. Look at all these people in shape. But they're they're targeting a healthy lifestyle. And i think they're building the products accordingly as well. I mean khalil. It's critical these days to stand up above the noise to be unique from your competition. I mean that just every industry a hundred percent across the board and let's be honest. Cop is fierce in the fitness space. So what specifically have you done to make fight camp standout. We're yet to see a serious competitor in boxing and kickboxing right. Like we. You know we. There's some concepts out there but you know when we started it was not about. You know trying to beat the competition. It was more. You know like there's a very unique opportunity here and being the first to bring a connected experience to boxing and kickboxing from home. And you know. We thought the power of teaching people how to do boxing. Well was also like you know a statement for you. Know the growth of boxing with a lot of franchise that were growing as well. You know like pre covid. Boxing gyms and kickboxing gyms. The nation were growing very very fast. It was becoming a very big fast-growing exercise that was gaining in popularity. But you know. Boxing is not easily. You know it's not easily accessible in terms of flake. There's a lot of technique you can just get a bag and hit it but it is not proper boxing. You actually have to develop the foundation you have to. You know work on your reflexes and then you have to know why you through a certain bunch and why you don't throw that certain bunch and how to move so we wanted to provide in the centric experience and at the same time naked interactive and. There was nobody else that was doing that at a time. Fire

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