Expats in Italy


Let's start the hour with a look at the other side of the coin has a couple of americans explain how they reinvented themselves when they moved to italy. Have you ever liked what you saw in italy so much that you dreamed of actually moving there. I have to admit i've been tempted myself. We're joined now on travel. With rick steves by two people who gave into that temptation and now they're living their dreams and rod left her job and twenty fourteen and moved to cnn and long so for him. To medallion settled down within near sorrento above the coffee. Coast anna an and join us now to tell us their story. Thanks for joining us. Thanks so anna. How did you end up in sienna. I studied italian in college. Fell love with it. Decided to move to italy after college. Move to to rin then ended up doing graduate work in manchester became professor and then realized that i needed to get to sienna because i did my thesis on saint catherine of sienna and every summer i went every summer. Got harder to come back to the states. So i eventually just decided to move there. And that was a few years ago and You must like it. Because you're still there i do. I love it by the way big industrial city in the north. No nonsense fantastic city. Though the best food real interim people think about that but you ended up in sort of the fairytale medieval tower not an end lung. What's your story. I changed my major twice in university and so decided to take months break to go to italy to try to learn the language. Because i'd been there on vacation before and then after six months decided to stay in ended up marrying an italian and been thirty eight years living in sorrento thirty eight years in beautiful lemon cellos cream. Lemon cellos with those nothing. Better i can't think of a more dolce rental so now you've been there thirty eight years in a small town a small community in community above surrender. You always the foreigner You don't look italian. I'm a foreigner. I definitely have strange ways the way i do things It's foreign but i've been absorbed into the community. They think of me as a local. Because i've withstood thirty eight and you respect the do respect them and there's a lot of my friends that were foreigners that have left sense and they get no respect. I can respect accepted in the community. Are you taken seriously at community meetings or parent teacher meetings. Whatever you might be into you sit there at the table and and you're part of the community and they'll ask me about my opinion about local ideas and things and i'm raising family in the community as well so it touches my life. Now anna i always think of who settled in. Europe is experts. Yes but you're also just flat out. Immigrants immigrants exactly it which my friends in santa always remind me of ohio the immigrants. What's the difference between an ex pattern and immigrant. Well if we're going to be blunt the color of your skin. Isn't that something. I know in italy relationships seem to be really important to get things done personally and in your in your work life. Talk about the importance of relationships. In italy the hugely important and i think that had i not found myself in a contrada in sienna. I don't think i would have stayed because it's so important to be a part of a community. And i am the american in the she wolf so you really identify with the she wolf district. Yes loo- i know that because you guys won the palio two times in one year. Yes we did. And cnn has this passion for the neighborhood. yes. I mean famously. With these contrada. Yes and think that. Cnn is very much a walled city in in both senses of the word because it has the walls that are still there from medieval times. But there's this wall mentality as well where it's hard to enter and to become a part of the community. So i feel very lucky that i found myself in the contrada and they accepted me eventually but like and said it took awhile. Oh she's still coming back so she is she

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