A highlight from 441: NHL Says All-Canadian Division Won't Be Back Next Year; NBC Gets Awkward over Babcock Hire


Single weekday. My name is steve. Worn along with jimmy jeans shingle jerome. I'm in ottawa. james is out in edmonton and say hello to that old lub james. How're things the old block. The old logs scripts stevie just preparing for the day and kicked off today with a massive bowl of captain. Crunch stevie. Been awhile for your mouth. it's good it's all good man. Yeah it's all good The roof of my mouth was been through many many tougher things than scarfing down. Captain crunchy okay. So it's got layers and layers of leather on it. Can't it can't be as good at i mean even if it's still find it can't be as good as it was before you started your bowl of captain craig. That's well that's true. Anyways might go. It's my go-to used to be fruit. Loops now i'm onto the the cc right up from crunchy so Anyway Stevie how about you what's going on there. Not too much didn't have any candy for breakfast like you did But all is well Frustration with the internet is a top of mind at the moment but another day here in paradise and certainly in the province of ontario. different times. Indeed in that. We've got the curfew on now. The premiums came along and said you know what the this is as bad as get so. We are shutting pretty much everything down now. Now it's the deal. Stay in your house. Come out for what groceries medical things or exercise go out for a walk and everything else for the most part everything else. Don't bother with it. Stay in the house right. So so amazon is loving this right. You know. everyone talks about amazon. I i know people who that's all they do. That's all that's all the the only the only deal that they used to get stuff. I don't know amazon's into food or not. But i can. I can only anticipate steve that pretty soon. It's going to be. Can you drop off some captain. Crunch some smokes some. I don't know porno. dvd's something okay. We got nobody orders. Dvd's for that. James what he in nineteen ninety-two. Well i don't know. I don't i don't know you know i got some some. Someone texted me today. Dave calill as a matter of fact you know the the great ottawa. Golf piano player. Dave long too nice guy really good guy. Great guy great guy so he put up a post on facebook with him smiling. He's calling its sos share share our smile so he made a plea. Everyone put up was put up a smiley face picture of you and pass it on. Okay well that's just adorable. Yeah so it's totally adorable of course and so he texted me saying hey jungle will you. Will you look at my post. And will you put something up there and do what you're told to do and bub-bubba and i'm like what what why was. I'm texting back. So what do. I do post where to post. Put up somewhere my thing or do i put on twitter. And he's you know he's got back to we went. Are you drinking again anyway. So i my first reply would be just make sure you put your teeth in i. Yes yeah which. I which i did so anyway. I posted on my facebook. Page a picture of me and my daughter together smiling. And then i you know dave clawson meet a frigging do this you you take it from here surprise. You didn't just take that completely down like just slay him for it. Because in the past you would you would probably go after that for being a sugary sweet is a bowl of captain crunch right. Yeah well that's well. That's true as sensitive sensitive. I love dave. Dave and i went on a fantastic trip fantastic gulf trip to california and we unbelievable. We've played riviera. Steve tough course to get in on the l. a. The sponsors know genesis. I think or something. I'm employed a bunch of courses and david. I hung up for four or five days. We ended up in vegas at the fantasy camp. The trip of a lifetime. Love love dave great guy great guy and he's doing online concerts now too so cool on on his facebook. I said i texted him back. Dave you know. If if i if i take a deep dive into this little simple request i may handedly delete your own facebook. Page so anyway. Okay hello dave and Hallowed everybody is joined the show today. And i'm certain that Some people are feeling good. Words satiated somewhat in that finally. Nhl's often running again. Hobson leafs got it all started on opening night and jails oldest rivalry sends leave so get it going this weekend. Friday saturday deal kind of wondered about sends in leafs with this new provincial. Stay at

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