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Doing Maura. You know today, For example, the holiday You know, the whole Montrose is a day on not a day off. It's you know, they talk about King's service. You know, the going on serving others before herself, like King did and said, Just making it a holiday. But my challenged everybody listening on this call right now. Does that make King Day more than just one day? I mean, everybody will espouse his values and his history and all that he's done. But what would it take to just be? Let your soul shine like the Reverend Dr Martin the King Jr did with every day that he lived with every breath that he took While he was on this earth for only 39 years, you see, And that to me is the challenge. This is not just a one day thing If you you know, civil rights and Eliminating racism and people being racist and all of those things, and it was more than that. When King spoke. He didn't talk about just black people. You talk about all people. He talked about Children from all places living together in one another, you know, and so But there's work to be done. You've got worked. It needs to be done in the area of racism and your economics. You know, there's so much history that involved in especially from a black perspective. When you consider the right now I can't think of another race of people that was brought to this country. In

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