Episode 12 - Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow Part 2


Afternoon family. It's fifteen hundred dollars. Whatever out signing sunni one hundred and nine indexes arch master advised when leaving the apartments or using the balcony. Please vacate untrue and deposit your clothing in the cycling recept. We have a wonderful day. I know a new here is the guy who just married in but that normal no no. It's not what's the deal with law. Sham found happy. I'm doing in third shift. I convinced herald three to slot and law approved it by. I thought you were furious with me. Lou like it or not. I said i do. And i'm stuck with the now. You big dummy. Besides i never thought you had it in. You attempted murder. It's just so hot. If the air quality wasn't so bad today i drag you out onto the balcony and tear your clothes off if you would. Please vacate the bunk room and depositing your sheets in the receptacle. Better get moving flavored. Algae porridge awaits pravo. Bravo female relatives. The should've puff back years ago. Eddie dead do you think of the way. Won't you guys all right. Let them breathe. It appears you have fans will. You don't understand. i really didn't do it that smart. Keep up the puzzle tonight ability. It's not plausible. It's absolute. I didn't do it. The thing i don't get is why cramps didn't press charges. Many maybe he actually does love you. I don't know more likely. He's figured on punishment worse than federal pen. More likely. maybe. Hey has anyone seen morty to. I probably just a good morning lou. What would you like to border automatic. What's disgusting algae flavor. Saratov hundred hours. You have full access to the menu. Full access commissions have been updated. Would you like bacon and eggs. I believe that was your preference before. Does he change anything else. Where am i the rankings. As of seamer twelve hundred dollars oh no rankings. Largest gave me a day were real. Good cow god. There's no shower rations. We don't have water. I mean there are no time limits

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