Wolves fire Saunders, hire Finch as new coach

The Free Agents


We've got a head coaching change in the nba. The timber wolves have fired head coach. Saunders but i. I had a game to play brian. Sanders was coaching against the guy. He replaced tom sibito of the new york knicks. Having a great season there is game. Went down to the wire. Karl anthony towns had shot in the post to try and take the lead with thirty seconds left over his former teammate. Taj gibson but it rimmed out on a rim in madison square garden. Where the ball. Just capterra women out on sunday and that was ryan saunders. Final quarter as head. Coach of the minnesota timberwolves took over for his late father. Flip saunders in twenty nineteen thirty four year old had a string of injuries to deal with and played many many close games and the timber wolves already have saunders replacement chris finch who was a raptors assistant coach. This season has been given a multi year deal by the minnesota timberwolves to coach them full time. It's a rare move to pluck an assistant from another team. Mid season to take over job just doesn't happen very often. Usually the team that fires a head coach just moves their assistant over for a while at the very least when the full job search can be done until the full job search can be done in the off season but they had been looking at chris finch for a long time in fact he interviewed in twenty nineteen when ryan saunders was eventually given the job and finch like his good friend raptors head coach. Nick nurse coached abroad for a longtime uk. Germany and belgium then moved to the g. league and then was assistant in the nba for a decade. And he's an offensive specialist who worked with james harden in zion. Now he'll have the chance to work with karl. Anthony towns anthony edwards.

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