T-Mobile has a new 5G wireless plan

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You're obviously going to hear a lot more about five g this year as the major wireless carriers continue to make those networks available to more consumers among them is t mobile which just revealed details on a new plan coming up. Yes indeed yet. T. mobile's announce a new magenta. Max plan which takes place of the magenta plus plan and it will cost about the same that that plan had which was about fifty four dollars per line a month for three line plan but for a limited time you can sign up for a three line plan. That is about forty seven dollars per line per month that includes all taxes fees when you use auto pay now a single line under the magenta mex plan costs eighty dollars but each additional added brings down the overall auto pay costs forty seven dollars under the current promotion and this plan is also available for small businesses can cover up the twelve employees. Now why would you wanna do this. If you already have a plan or on another carrier t mobile says its new unlimited five g and four g premium data plan. That data will not be slowed. No matter how much data you use. Now why would you wanna do that. If you already have a plan or on another carrier t mobile says its new unlimited five g and four g premium data will not be slowed. No matter how much data you use under this new plant competing unlimited plans may temporarily slow data after certain milestones reached. Now with this new plan. You also get more hotspot data forty gigabytes up from twenty gigabytes of the current plan. You get the stream. Four k video and previously hd and several other features including free scam blocking and caller. Id new customers who do not have a five g phone can trade in the current phone and get a new five g. Won t mobile's twenty four month interest. Free plan t will also let customers on other plans bring their five g phone over and pay off up to six hundred and fifty dollars of existing payments for that phone without any switching costs. So can i just say if i hear another service that uses the word plus max to describe itself. I'm probably gonna pull what's left of my hair out. I feel like every single service of late is a plus max. There have to be other words but anyway so we're seeing five g roll out. Obviously how good is it right now. So bread is still far from being available everywhere. Here in northern. Virginia i get five g connectivity on on the verizon iphone have and also on the samsung t mobile phone i use but around the us t mobile currently covers more than two hundred and eighty million americans with its five g network but just more than one hundred million with the super fast speeds that get you to the three hundred gigabytes per second range now in comparison with traditional phones. Use four g lt. You're lucky to get fifty megabits per second. Now t mobile said it plans to reach two hundred million this year with the super fast speeds in recent tests run by open signal from for the month of january t mobile users connected to five g. Almost one third of the time thirty percent eighteen five g users connected eighteen percent of the time and verizon connected nine point five percent now. These are all improvements for the month of january according open signal. What's tests five g around the country. The good news is that typically t. mobile's actions lead to movement by the competition so all consumers might be seen better deals and kind of in the days ahead. I'll

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