Malcolm X's Family Says Letter Implicates FBI and NYPD in His Death


And the family of civil rights icon malcolm xs demanding. Authorities reopened an investigation into his assassination. After new evidence was unveiled a letter by a former police officer raymond would who did not want to the letter to be made public until after his death wrote. He was manipulated by new york police in the fbi who covered up key details of the plot to kill malcolm x. Would said he was tasked with arresting members of malcolm x's security team. This is raymond with cousin. Reggie would reading the letter at a news conference saturday a day before the anniversary of malcolm x's assassination in one thousand nine hundred sixty five. It was my assignment to draw the two men into a felonious. Federal crime so that they could be arrested by the fbi and kept away from managing malcolm. X's audubon ballroom door security on february twenty first one hundred sixty five on february sixteenth. Nineteen sixty five. The statue of liberty plot was carried out and the two men were arrested just days before the assassination of malcolm. That's reggie would reading. The words of his uncle. Raymond

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