What Aaerios Saw At A Sleepover Changed His Life

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I'm not mr fruit and today we're gonna be talking podcast off areas. We're back with episode episode. seventy one. I always really suck at the entrance. I did really good last time but this you're doing great. Keep going hand confidence. I love it. I love the hand. Movement is kind of keep the viewer engaged higher. I like it. Yeah they have to look at today. We talk about Peeing the paints areas talks about how he pooped his pants. Or how one of his poops pants very proud of that We talk about To that it's dead and not coming out this year Hilarious and then we do some decent patriotic questions So wants to stick around and listen to it. Ross or here. Well no not see your here. Mike ward letters. What do you think like back then. Like what do you think the four do you think they liked. Quills or do you think they would prefer pens like we have now honestly here. Let me show you a picture. Show you a picture. Because i'm using video camera but do these do if the forefathers had these brawl it. Was that your favorite kind of penn like this your trade trying like the ones you push in. Yeah you just click it. It's a clicker. I'm not but those used to make me really mad because then people you just click click. Click click click click. And that's very distracting. That is true. They had like like those click right and then people on their forehead to. It's like do. I go what did you do. You know any spins though where you guys any like blue. Can you do like any spins with a pencil back when you were kind of just messing around now. I do it on except i do. Different spinal knows anymore though by spending on my thumb. Me when you use a pen. What all the time. I mean never i i did. I did do some tax stuff recently. And i did have to sign my name. That will you have to sign. And i was like how do i do that. Like you're gonna have to print it and then scan it and send it to us like ski scan it like. That's where i become kind of boomer. I don't know how to scan things. That's the one thing like i have internet. I guess i never really learned is how to scan something jennings weird. Yeah you know what. I don't think anyone actually knows how to scan anything. Everyone i think maybe maybe zumur thing. Because i feel like zuma's don't know how to scan and boomers know how to how to scan stuff never really scanned anything ever and it's crazy because boomer's don't know how to do anything else except scan. Okay wait already yeah. Of course. I am hoping that we wouldn't think about it. And then you kinda yes. We're we're in. It was like i saw. I started when i was like think the forefathers i don't this will be a bonus part. I really had to go to bathroom before we go super far in it i was like why are you guys. Not saving this podcast. Just go just go blue. Yeah we we can continue this once you get back or should we continue it now while we continue now. Okay but i. I couldn't spin really like it. And that's the only i was a chewier. Unfortunately yeah yeah i was. I thought it was really gross. When people would like on pens. And shit i did it and i was like this is great like they must've coated like the capture. Those pens back in the day in like honey or some shit because i- obliterated the chew as well i would be. I would like to a cap like throughout like it was gum. It was really weird. I don't know why it was crazy. Shit like it was jerky anything to not have me do schoolwork. I was just like. I don't want to do any of this. Do this thing where. I pretended like i was a fish in the little lake. Clip thing on the pen. I used to hook on the phone. Like big mouth bass nibbled on lure one time i was like in fourth grade to and i did like one of the gross things but i thought it was so cool. We had like snacktime had like a fruit roll up and i took like the fruit roll up and the paper. You know that comes on the paper and you kind of take off the paper. I don't know why and while she's in the middle of reading this. It was like a substitute teacher. Never forget this. I like made this weird mouth guard of paper fruit. Roll up and i. I like my mouth like thirty minutes and she was like you need to go throw that out. There was just one of the weirdest things i for some reason. I remember that being in third grade with fruit. Roll up paper mouth. Hey that is an excellent so like what are some weird shit that used to do in school. Because i like because like me and my friends used to do this. Weird thing where we'd flip our eyelids right. You could do that. I could do. I still haven't done it in years. I might be washed at this point at least try to do it again. Does it her. I always like thought look like i. I always tried. But you have to commit like you're gonna get it. You got to commit to fucking flip off. See if i can still do it but everybody was doing it and then it got to the point where i just did it did i do. I mean your internet is not the pixels are bad. Yeah you did do it. That's gross areas in it. I might lead for the whole podcast way. That would hurt. There's no change. You could do that. It's one thing. I one thing i used to. I wasn't like at school or anything. But i used to snort a noodle ramen noodle and then it would through your mouth and then you could like floss. Hold is a super weird feeling. I don't know if that in my head so you would snort a cook. Yeah like a like a cook ramen noodle you just like make sure it's cold and then you snort it and then it comes out of the little hole in your mouth you know like no fucking way. Yeah there's a hole that connects like into your nose. So there's a so what you're telling me is that there's a hole in your body that connects your mouth to your nose. Yeah you feel it brothers like who like you feel your tongue right urge back there.

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