Who is the international community?


Myanmar's progress towards democracy. During the two thousand and ten with nobel peace laureate aung sang suu as de facto head of government was widely understood as a good news. Story this week myanmar's military. The top madore decided that the democratic experiment had proceeded far enough claiming fraud in the most recent they threw a coup. D'etat seized power. Back and returned san suu now. Tarnished as an accessory to the tottenham does own recent accesses to detention the international community has responded predictably and in famous correctly demanding respect for the election results the restoration of constitutional order and so forth. Also this week. Us president joe biden in his first speech on foreign policy since taking office declared that america was ready willing and able to resume its traditional self awarded role as lead of that international community. But at this point what actually is the international community who decides what it thinks and are there really any penalties for defying or ignoring it. This is the foreign desk. But you're now seeing two sets of institutions governing although it's questionable how much actual authority the people without guns have to force their parliamentary decisions. At this point. The burmese military should relinquish power. They have seized release the advocates and activists and officials they have detained suspected. Criticism from western countries has relatively little direct. But it's not that they don't care at all it's noteworthy that they've gone to just extraordinary lengths to create alibis covers for the coup the very few occasions when you say that sanctions all the threat of sanctions hadn't affect i think would be the ending of the apartheid period south africa but they require cooperation and agreement among any state that has major economic relations with a particular state that is really under threat of sanctions. So that's pretty rare frontier. Hello and welcome to the foreign desk. I'm andrew muller joined first of all by amen taunt a reporter based in yang-gon well first of all let's try and make sense of what has been occurring this week. How did the first hours of the coup ataur unfold as you experienced it. Was there a heightened military presence in the streets was a news broadcast social media alerts. How do they establish power. It's not like they lack practice this by now. Sure so the first couple hours were extremely chaotic. One was quite sure what was happening. Although most people had figured out that there was a coup so basically most people woke up on monday not being able to use their phones so there are some cards. Weren't giving them service. There was some rewards that depending on which company you are with. You have some level of service depending on where you are in the country. You had some notable service. But for me i couldn't call out and i didn't have any mobile data. Luckily i have wifi at home. Which is not true for a lot of people but yeah in the first few hours in django that weren't really military much of a military presence as far as i understand. Although in the days leading up to the coup there were some quite frightening pictures of tanks in yanko near military installations and what has gone. Felt like since how much of what was already passing for normal life i guess given the pandemic but how much is the feel of the city changed since the coup d'etat. Everyday's a little bit different. So the first day i went out to the markets just alexi what i could over here talk to people because you know people were getting online and a first a couple hours. Not everyone knew. The markets were busier than normal. There were more men. The normal people seem like they were ignoring the one person per household rule a lot more than they were. Previously people are largely ignoring the rules at this point in the pandemic here. But yeah like you just saw a lot of groups of people as opposed to the person who cooks which is generally a woman here but a couple hours in so maybe around nine. Ten people started panic buying especially rice. A lot of rice shops ran out of rice quite early in the morning. You know they generally never run out that bryce they usually are quite. we'll start but by the evenings. The supply chain was flowing again and had sort of compensated and the streets emptied out after a while but there was a while where people were trying to rush the banks. All the banks shut the atm set down. And then people try to. The gold shops and the gold shops started shutting down this

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