A highlight from Shakespeare reincarnation, Obscure FM, Men in running tights, random burnt logs, Sausage cures all ills.


Hello there is chappie the british butler and Welcome along geeky coming episode number fifty nine and he's thinking well wolf this chap y playing the The deutsche the german national in the in the background here. Well i fancy for some sausage today for some sausages. So i'm thinking that i'm going to do the whole and i cannot get the traditional english sausages like lincolnshire. Sausage or the cumberland in america. So i had to get. I so i'm getting breakfast sausage wise today and i'm just wondering if if sausage can kill all else like a string of piping hot fat bursting out of them brat. Verse rat round the neck. Could that cure a cold. I mean could this be could be. Could this be something. We need to look at a new vaccination. Do we need to do. Do we need to do some sort of tests. Own people with a string sausages. A string of brat i will maybe a strength cumberland the big sausage wrap around the neck. I mean people saux around the neck like a wet salk so why. Not a string of sausages. So i'm gonna do towed in the hall. We're going to be looking at the origins of in the hole a little bit later and some of the things that we We may or may not be discussing today quite a lot over from yesterday to be honest. What happens when you call somebody who facetime unawares. I will be revealing awe well. Hopefully they won't be revealing but maybe they will. Who knows a little bit later. Also adolescent dog is in season. There's no sort of daddy don't training for this. What should one do. She's gonna get the operation. But i waited a little bit too doorstop late so we're going to be looking at that. Do famous people reincarnate into inanimate objects. Well possibly. I'll be enlightening you later. Men in tights. While i do have a severe dislike for men in tights running tights. Anyway i don't care whatever title stockings those offenders. You're but rent running tights in shorts. We'll be looking at that as well Later also possibly the quickest time either got ready for zoom meeting. You leave a little bit too late now. It's work from home and also the mysterious bird logs the word. What does it mean. Also introducing you to those of subversive types. Only listen to songs that nobody else has ever heard of. They're all they're all people around there that That do listen to songs a little bit subversive out there and we'll be we'll be looking at that later on and some of the some of the song titles may or may not be Have beds creek. You're in lockdown and also we have and we introduce jack valentine. He's a norfolk tradition. He's a little bit like a Santa claus for valentine's day and we'll be You know sort of educating your non-jackpot sometime now. Okay i'm gonna stand i'm going to stanford i haven't got the brad versus sausages around my neck. Don't worry that could cause all sorts of trouble bursting sausages all over the computer in the locker it could be. Bill sought to dirt skar everywhere. But yes majesty quinlan's And so sausages tonight without a doubt also we never talked about social pleasantries during covid. Who's exactly under that mosque. What's going on Have social pleasantries changed. Now we've now we've now we've hit code for about a year now. Also canterbury cathedral window solve mr beckett and the castrated leper. Clever compete words. Up like a toddler how to cook outdoors at maybe freezing. But it's perfect perfect barbecue weather road documentary ban by the queen. Nine hundred sixty eight was actually leaked this last week for about ten hours. We never around a subway tuna sandwiches with no junior the snowy owl seen central pops and the first time since eighteen hundred. We never looked at that. We all to have some trump trombone. We're going to have some Medieval tender is actually a failed generals on medeeva tender sessions over the next few weeks fail generals and should you be swiping left or right to them. It seems like mostly Mostly left to the honest and you'll wind deliveries delayed amazon. Has it all the cardboard boxes. So you'll wine cannot be Delivered and i think actually buying drizzly something the booze the booze delivery service now subliminal messages you know going for a little bit of pain today but you know what my phone's listening to me. So any almond that. I have even her not saying it. Out loud my phone can read my mind. More social dilemmas Coming this coming this week as well and You know if you go to a restaurant. Autism food the next day it pops up on your phone and the trying to sell you the same item. How does it no. It is seriously the twilight zone. So archaeologists in egypt under cover a two thousand year old mummy with a gold tongue. The two thousand your own gold tongue. Mummy has been uncovered amid a dig northern egypt according to reports the mummy was among sixteen burials uncovered in poorly preserved rock cut tombs in the temple. A temporary basis magna west of alexandria and his example of burial practices during the country's greco period the ancient egyptians have given the mummy at gold tongue during a ritual to help and speak to a. They're isis that. God of the underworld in the afterlife egypt's ministry of tourism antiquity said in a statement. That gold foil amulet is just one of several important finds in the day. The team dominican and the also two mummies wrapped in a gilded corniche Which is plastered lizard papyrus linen one of the two mummies have crime decorative cobra on its forehead. It's chester gilded decoration. In the shape of the nexus with the falcons head. The caffeine martinez called the two mummies among the most important finds and the excavation of a significant fines has recently included a funeral. Moscow woman eight golden flakes representing the lease the golden wreath and eight moss of mabul. Dating back to the greek and roman eras the moss show. High cross was shipping sculptured depiction but the most impressive find was a mommy who did have the gold tongue which is a pretty fascinating even before but i mean it could be a sort of bomb movie. Keep

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