Bayern Munich go 10 points clear in Bundesliga



Start in the boondocks league. Your league leaders buyer munich. Child hurt the berlin just before they head off to fiba club world cup and get a one nothing win rare robert levin penalty miss in this one goal coming in the twenty. First minute from kingsley. Call on that. The difference by munich on picking up the three points and what it means in the boondocks league table is the firing are now ten points clear of second place. Leipzig the big gap continues to grow as byron munich cases yet. Another league title. Look at that and dortmund both right now. Outside of the champion spots well stevie. We expected to win. That match was nervous at the end. Well the the long of the game when on the more heffer actually you could see the believed that they could get something you know they could. They probably could and should have been three octane. This game could have been over but it wasn't me dope ski obviously missing. The penalty was huge. And as i said the longer it went on the stock to to get closer and closer culminating with two minutes to go all the way through hostage score but just just weighed. In the game's over.

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