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Mom wage to $15 an hour, But when it gets to the Senate rules, there won't allow the increase to be considered, Fox says. JAIL NATO House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says whether it's included in the final package or not, Democrats are committed to raising the minimum wage. This is not a provision in the bill that is accepted or not by the Senate. This is again a value. This is a priority to Democrats voted with Republicans against the legislation. Jared Golden of Maine and Kurt, trader of Oregon Republicans aren't ready to move on from Donald Trump, many of them attending the conservative political action conference in Florida posed for Selfies with a golden statue of the former president. Fiery speeches are the trademark for CPAC. Missouri Senator Josh Holly's remarks Friday were an indictment of social media barons and leftist politicians were facing a fight for the republic itself, and we are facing unprecedented alliance of radical liberals and the biggest most powerful corporations, their arm or remarks today from the big conservative names like Florida Senator Marco Rubio and former acting director of National Intelligence Rick Grenell. Boxes Evan Brown. The event culminates tomorrow with a speech from former President Trump Nearly one month after the military coup in Burma. Police are cracking down harder on protesters. Witnesses say they fired tear gas and stun grenades and shot

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