6 board members resign from Texas power grid operator after millions lose power


All six board members of the Texas power grid operator called ERCOT. Have resigned. The announcement follows outrage over more than four million customers losing their power during a deadly winter freeze last week and estimated three dozen people died in Texas. All of the board directors stepping down live outside of the state. The resignations are effective today. Tomorrow committees and both the Texas House and Senate will begin investigations into what caused millions of people to lose power during the crippling winter storm last week. And a state religious group is urging residents to participate in the proceedings, Roz Brown reports. Be more head with Texas Impact says those affected by the storm need to stop asking whose fault the crisis was and start asking how to prevent such failures in the future, she says, much like Hurricane Harvey State lawmakers had plenty of warning about extreme weather events but have repeatedly rejected opportunities to prepare. We've had seven major disaster declarations and Texas just since Harvey and sooner or later faith community and other responders have to say failure to plan on your power. Does not constitute an emergency on our part, Mayors in 16, Texas cities have sent a letter to the president and CEO of the Energy Reliability Council of Texas or ERCOT. The state's electric grid operator, demanding he cooperate with investigations into what left millions without power. Moorehead says it's easy to point the finger at her cot. But she wants voters to contact lawmakers with concerns since they're the ones who approved the policies that left homes and businesses vulnerable to the catastrophe. She says. Texans of Faith have been extremely generous and providing funds to their congregations during the pandemic, But many are still helping with the cleanup from Hurricane Harvey in the same communities hit again by the Winter storm. What happened in Texas last week is a systems problem, and it needs a system solution. Faith communities can be depended on for charity, but it takes government to reform major systems. Communities and family members of people who died in the outages have already filed lawsuits against her cot on Lee invited testimony will be allowed at Thursday's hearings, which began at 9 A.m.. But Texans will be allowed to submit written statements to the House Elektronik Lee through a portal during the meeting. As of Tuesday, the Senate had not provided information on how to

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