23 year old Devon Edmonds was last seen with her family on February 18th. She's about five to about £180 police say she was last seen with her hair wrapped in a scarf. Anyone with information should call Carmen police, the 3175712500. School Corporation in Miami County is finding ways to support the family of three Children who died in a house fire. As we reported six year old miracle Gingerich, five year old Stephen King Rick and one year old Wilma Gingerich, died Saturday. Iconic Wah School says it has set up a fund for the Children's family. It's accepting donations at its administration building in Bunker Hill. All checks should be made out to mechanical school Corporation. Anyone with questions on how to help Call the district at 7656899131 with the extension 1100. The school says counters will be on hand all week to support students and staff. Former President Trump took center stage for the first time since the end of his term. The conservative political action Conference in cholera Excuse me in Orlando closed yesterday with a speech from Trump. I stand before you today to declare

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