Tiger Woods honored at championship match with this heartfelt gesture


Tiger Woods taking to Twitter. It is hard to explain how touching today Woz when I turned on the TV and saw all the red shirts To every golfer and every fan. You are truly helping me get through this tough time. Now to this point, we've had tigers team tweeting. Couple of updates, not a whole lot. Initially the doctor sharing with us what the injuries looked like and how the surgery went. Then long after the fact after it had been after it had happened, and everybody knew about it Tigers team tweeting that he'd been moved to Cedars Sinai Medical Center. This was Tiger himself. It is hard to explain how touching today was when I turned on the TV and saw all the red shirts Column or a cow to Who considers Tiger to be his idol. He's early twenties, has already collected a bunch of wins, including WGC On Sunday, a three shot victory over Brooks kept to He actually got emotional himself. He couldn't wear red. Because his His gear didn't arrive in time. But he wanted the win to be in honor of Tiger Woods. Tiger means everything to me and you know, Yes, you have the crash and thankfully he's all right, and hopefully he has a quick and great recovery. But I don't think we say thank you enough. So I want to say thank you to tiger because you know sometimes you you lose people too early, And that's like, you know, Toby, I lost my grandpa. About a month ago. And you don't get to say thank you enough so Thank you guys. Column or a cow. It starts with Tiger means everything to me. And it it took me a couple of times listening to it to realize he said, Kobe you can kind of hear it, but I wasn't sure if I misheard it or if he was talking about his grandfather. Dimensions. Kobe Tigers accident You can hear him tear up and get choked up when he talks about his grandfather about a month ago. So these golfers Emotional themselves going out there and playing In Tiger's honor. But how cool to know that he was watching that he was able to do that? That in and of itself is a huge positive.

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