A highlight from Prop 14: The California Fair Housing Massacre of 1964


And to help me tell the story might guest. Today is a retired real estate broker and a guy miss seeing on the daily as part of the san francisco real estate community. We were together at zephyr state. Please welcome my friend and an incredible real estate broker. Dawn sanders hawk. Thank you how are you don. I'm doing great mats. Good to talk to you. You sound very chill and retired house. Retirement treating you retirement. It's great and was his pen was over so we can at least travel a little bit but other than that. Sco and great yet. I said my biggest accomplishment twenty twenty was just surviving so looking forward to traveling again someday to still have to work in tired like alright so old yet rob him right sedan. Our story today is about a state ballot proposition. That i wasn't even aware existed until i started doing research for this episode. In the nineteen sixty four state ballot proposition that was sponsored by the california estate association and that is an organization. That's now known as the elephants Association of realtors. And that's an organization to which i belong. I actually served on order directors for several years as a director. now and are you still remembered on. i'm not a member but what i was a member. I also served on their board of directors for probably five years six years. Yeah you're being very modest. You were a fan in real estate when you are active while thank you. It's trail so essentially. If generally the way membership in real estate works as if you're a member of a local association you also are a member of the state in the national real estate association. it's triple layer cake so but to understand what our real estate association did in nineteen sixty four. We need to back up just a little bit further and that takes us to the rumford act the rumford fair housing act that was passed in nineteen three and they're almost begins our story but gone we start us off by giving our listeners. A reminder about what the state of residential housing was around nineteen sixty three. Well you know we can go back a little bit. Further matt to Nineteen forty eight. When the supreme court said it was illegal for owners to determine who they wanted to sell to or didn't want to sell to

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