How Real Estate Sells Cars with Gina McCartney


Gina, welcome to . the It show is great to have you speaking to us today. Maybe just to kick things off can you maybe just tell us a bit about Gina McCartney - who you are and some background. . to thank Yes, I'm yourself sure, you so Gi for na McCartney having me here today. Super excited to see both. So my background if i go back to perhaps my brief - youth and into professional career. I really my whole life was distant creative: sculpting, painting, designing and off the back of that passion went to uni studied creative advertising and was destined. path was to become a art director . My very early career was in advertising agencies and spent ten years ing servic some like pretty big clients ilo, . kohl's meyer group. Cbi off foundation and then some order client bmw and many were because of mine and it was during that time that i realized how much i loved as and surprised no surprise. I joined renault. Stralia and joining renault at the time was at a really pivotal point for the business. And that was all about preaching and finding every possible opportunity we could in the market and myra was to introduce the sierra digital program. Really lift the capability of the dealer network from a lead management perspective. Sur getting out outta rot on building confidence back in the network that we were providing leads to them in generating value from office and then from neymar roll moved into a brand and events role and so the full marketing swayed had an awesome time with the business and great team. And then my time was up. When i was tapped on the shoulder for all at anchor pinellas area group been realized real estate dot com to you joined the business not really knowing much about the role. I was joining. He'd go to market manager role and of bain there now close to seven years and moved my way through various segments. So we're two now. Residential business at develop a business emotional property meteorologisy and clients and also to stint in malaysia. And i leave the win. We acquired a southeast asia and helped with the integration of that business side at an awesome korea here. Rei and now run. I tame called the customer. Excellence team and so my team move. Twenty incredibly talented people help support our two hundred thirty sales teams across australia. And that includes the learning development perching old training ogata market siles support collateral and operations analytic. Kpi's commissions incentive sprints and really big a big team mission and vision is to pave the new way of selling and selling clock when you work for rei. Let's bit about my story. Love love gardening love dancing and eighteen. And that's how i spend most of my time let's it's an impressive story. How you you've migrated from during the karate stuff through to or i will now into real estate now. We can't get a bit of understanding as to real estate dot com o. Rei group and what's the back story of real estate. Dot com abc business was born in the garage. Dome koster and for those familiar with john. It's in the eastern suburbs of melbourne and in nineteen ninety five and they came up with a crazy idea of water. We put the photos of property onto online so people can see them on the internet and so literally scanning photo by photo by photo built this web sought. That looks very different today than what did obviously up. Twenty plus years ago and over the years to really brilliant simple idea to gos- and today with the leading australian property portal and we have hundred million plus is it as a month coming to thought trillions of photos from a perspective and yeah we service most property clients around australia and that includes real estate agents property manages developers homebuilders land developers media clients of less amount of probably. But almost all and anyone that wants to reach property. Sega's we do business. You know you've got a really interesting background. Having spent tom and credit in automotive value in real estate can you. Maybe just discuss some of the similarities. Between automotive and real estate i remember when i joined. Ra and it was probably a month thing. I thought wow. I didn't realize there was so many similarities between the two industries. And if i stop from a business structure perspective the similarities of utah franchise groups independence at relationship between head office and you know the small small businesses that are running in local and regional areas. I think that that pressure that applies with a small business to find the raw talent retain talent when there is no professional requirement This note there's no huddle to get into other industry. And i think that is a challenge that are still share today and another real estate industry in particular institute really trying to introduce their professional courses create more opportunities for the right people to enter the industry. So they've got really quality staff sieving consumers invincibles. And i think our remember. That was a challenge in the automotive industry finding the right talent and apprenticeship styles perspective perhaps a bit of bid process. But that was probably one thing that i saw straightaway is a big lesson. In automotive that i think real estate can learn with the handshake. Between sales and after-sales and if you think of the real estate version of that is the sales and rental market now rent rolls the most profitable part of a real estate agency and if you think about the handover in the importance of one to the other the ongoing retention of the customer. I think that's a really important similarity between the two some. I think some best practice sharing could happen more. And then the probably the other big similarity i would say is the is much smarter and much savia and this is probably not exclusive to automotive in real estate but their expectations have increased tenfold. And no longer. Can you get back to a later inquiry within a couple of days. We're now seeing consumer expectations at a couple of minutes. And i think that's something that dealerships deal with daily and you know the the now now now economy that exists within cosima world.

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