School closings and changes in the Washington, D.C. region for Thursday, Feb. 18


Area is closed today. Given our Ice and snow in D. C public schools virtual learning. Is on in public schools in Maryland. We've got some closures and arrundell counties is closed. Calvert County has gone code virtual. I guess that means that they are doing virtual school through their Microsoft teams program. Carroll County, Charles County, Frederick County closed Howard County's virtual Montgomery County Virtual Prince George's virtual, Um, ST Mary's County, running on a two hour delay. This morning over in Virginia. We got Alexandria City, the building's air closed virtual learning. Continues. Arlington County schools They say level one and two students are temporally reverting to distance learning, and and all all students students will will participate participate in in their their regular regular synchronous synchronous distance distance Learning Learning Falls Falls Church Church City City His His virtual virtual learning learning and and Fairfax Fairfax County County closed neither virtual nor in person more on that In a moment. Fuck your county closed for all learning. Loudon County, All their offices are closed. Their distance learning in hybrid classes are canceled. Manassas City closed Prince William County schools closed all learning Spotsylvania closed. Stafford closed s. Oh, there's a quick rundown. But again, you can stay up to speed on all of those changes anytime. The weather gets crazy on W m a l dot com Now what's the deal here? Beverly

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