Best of the Archives: Whiteness in America (2017)

Still Processing


Did you ever get around to watching bill by the way. Oh lord among i. Of course i did. I'm i count myself. As being the biggest fan of amy adams and the biggest fan of glenn close so of course i was there but the question is did i did. I wanna be once. I got there. I also just feel like the movie suffers from a refusal to acknowledge what it is. Ray thinks what is giving us. Is this this bright vivid tower to like so so-called trump country. But things haven't exactly worked out for your mama. I know this ain't right honey. She's your mother. It's going to cut off hunk light for us. Serve it to say this is these. Are the people. These are the real americans who elected donald trump and. here's some time in in their lives and maybe if we help her this one last time she'll finally learn her lesson and keep her job but why can't we let her cleaner own mess up for once families. The only thing that means a goddamn the movie sort of afraid to do the thing that it seems like it setting out to do it doesn't want to really get close to anything remotely political at all. It's afraid of the poverty that these characters are living with and it doesn't really understand the place and so nothing works. The actors don't have anything like really substantially human to act. Because they're not even fully fleshed out ideas. I watched hillbilly algae and i did not mind it but i also watched it at a very particular point in the pandemic when i was just watching anything. So that's not necessarily. We'll start review review them but it kind of feels to me like it has more in common with richardson. Netflix show about you. Know courting season in london in the early eighteen hundreds that as much as it wants to be about a time and a place an experience and culture. It's just shining. look at you know. You really can't take too much away from it. It just reminds me of all those people last summer. Who bought out every book about how to be an anti races. That bug in than any other book with the word racist or so you want to talk about race in the title and then never pick them up Never read the books. People don't want that they always wanna watch hillbilly and feel like they learn something about this country but it's just not the place to go for an education nor does it purports to be. That is why. I really like the podcast as town. Which which was a phenomenon when it happened in two thousand seventeen and remains for me sort of unmatched audio experience thing. You thought you were getting versus a thing. You actually wound up receiving it starts off as kind of murder mystery. Maybe and then wines like old opens out out unfurling this truly american story in which all these currents of history and and southern life in the way that the south thinks about itself the way southerners think about themselves we in the north. Think about the south. I just i guess this is a long way of say. I love our town episode me too. I just feel like this show really got into something. That really scares a lot of people who make our popular culture. So we're going to get back to working on our new season of still processing. But in the meantime please enjoy. We go to s town

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