A highlight from Episode 36: 2020 Highlights Part 2

Something Who


Ruben cutler quick what is it boy the if the sun shine enough a big yellow tigger fellow wearing a wide brimmed hat and leather jacket. When over there in the sand did nothing there. Now not now. Maybe you went beyond the sand dunes at could be. Nah what do they call him. Treasure seeker when fire off. Recogni what you've seen. They always said the beast of joss. We'll be back the peace to charles. I it comes ben. Quick get that door closed. Did you see him. Ben the beast of joss. There's no such person they say. Haunts relay transmitting stations. Like this he might be after those film cans reburied on the beach. Don't be dumped the last time that beast with seating devon two men were fired that very same night cleaned out. A small film store broke their hearts. He did then. Just take their dr wu but basil. Brush two and a whole load of old comedies. Place burned down shortly after. Thank god nothing to transmit. No a test card and static. That will tell again more detail. Vince saw him tonight. Sunshine in off these j. c. b. So he said. Don't let them take our marco polo ruben. Please that worry boy. Pass me not carpet. We'll hide the film cans underneath it. Pal keep him safe. He'll never look there. We've pitched another documentary jury that documentary with with with l cookbook sake. But yeah yeah. Okay well. I do want to talk about the cookbook because as i mentioned On the one chris. I watched this with my daughter and my daughter's in early teens and we watched quite a lot of of the original series together so knew quality of the of the people that were on it but she she really enjoyed. It really responded to the to the humor and to the to the situation. Koshi seen master chef. So she got the joke with india fisher to the voice over but i i think what i like most of all about it was and said this to chris. You know you can. You can to a an outer narrow spoof and as he said i think on on the record. You're not going to get very far with that because you know where's westwood funding simply sending somebody up and and in fact the letting something very organic about it they they actually enjoyed that the taskey dissect them in in terms of the cooking. You increase at the materials that cooking and also in in some of their the pairing still relationship came out in the course of the task. So you kind of got to see a little bit better. Relationships are so so i. I really really enjoyed that. I'm i guess. I wonder gain how what it was like for you in that situation. I mean there's there's a lot going on this this cooking going on. You're trying to do an interview sort of with the person give. This is a recipe. you've gotta follow. I mean i mean what's what's it who or not that. It was hard it. In fact i think we were supposed to do some of the links when we were doing the mae documentary which was filmed lots of my heart.

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