Are we out of the woods? Or is it the calm before the storm?



An emphasis in journalists tournaments swollen cheesy the twenty second of december yep and all eyes are on the northern beaches of new south wales. Where lots of people who have been coming forward for testing which is really great to say. I think there were about thirty thousand tests that were reported yesterday and aren inle only fifteen cases that came out yesterday. Sorry with that. Many tests being done in that relatively small number of cases in comparison. Is this a sign that we're getting out of the woods or is it. Pabst the comefor for the storm. What was really no way of knowing they've got the inside dope the New south wales health. So could go either way. Let's hope that it that it was good news. And it'll be consistent and that today when the results come out it will be a similar figure or even lower however if you remember from victoria there where days which should went up on days when it went down particularly on the days of testing. We just don't know yet. The disturbing thing is still that. There are some cases outside the northern beaches area not far on yesterday's cases. The weren't that far outside the the northern beaches area that we're going along if you like an upper north shore trajectory. There has been a hair salone in tara mara for no new south. Wales corona casters. That's upper north shore but it is continuous with the northern beaches geographically so there are still some cases popping up there. They are related apparently to the Which is good news to the beaches outbreak. But the problem is have they ceded elsewhere so the contact tracing still going well but we really are not sure there's a workplace apparently in the city where there's been some cases they're in these in suburbs long long list of places where you consider a close contacts if you've been indoors so this is pretty nerve wracking. The coup jump back up. Let's hope not but one day doesn't tell you what's going on. We poll asking about the difference between random testing testing lodge twice as people and targeted contact tracing and pull makes the point that there's a big difference between finding thirty cases in say thirty thousand tests and finding twenty cases from contact tracing but on the funding to in the twenty nine thousand tests. Yes there is but even if you take the total positivity rate of tested. We're still testing a lot of people relative to the number of people coming up positive and yeah it does tell you a lot about contact tracing if you're getting a lot of hits from the contact tracing that's good and it's good that the remainder test you can't actually separate them out in the remainder of tests if you're not picking up many and you're finding from contact tracing a cause for comfort but we just need to see we're going and the problem is that the is it should be probably the are expected to be. The bulk of testing is being done on the northern beaches but the rest of greater metropolitan. Sydney really does need to step up the testing penalty to come forward because they're not coming forward. We don't really know what might be circulating there. That's missed by the contact tracers and unfortunately the covid safe app doesn't seem to be helping much right so it could be a false appearance that it's concentrated in the northern beaches. If those are really only people who had coming forward to get tested luke. You don't find so on that.

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