Off the Record: Bart Shares His Covid Experience (Just The Boyz)



Out copy. My mom the happens. I'd rather it happened sooner outside the hospital needle here but you're not doing dumb way but that's the thing like my routine hasn't changed much. It's jim we all wear masks. I go home but you were at risk though right like you you have people around you that you're just like oh shit and then you had to run away from them. The the all tested like it was like false positives and stuff like that. They valid things it was. It was weird where they would take like will like one of my roommates. Had like a cough and then he got tested positive. So we all quarantine we all got tested a few days later just to make sure it wasn't like right after. Obviously we can't catch it like the next day or like testing positive but then he took like multiple test after it all came back negative negative and then even now he liked takes antibody tests and never had it tam. Yeah the tests are more accurate onto in the beginning year in the beginning there's so many false negatives and false positives but now all the tests that they have now. I think what they're saying is that i was talking to my cousin who's in medical school right now. And he was saying that the tests it's still can have a false negative but if any test positive you just need to go. Quarantine a media really. Yeah damn so. It's like the chances of being and i was reading the fine print behind it. It's actually really weird. How the test work it's not like an actual like fucking you test someone and then it's yes or no answer. It's actually the chances of you having it. In relation to the population mean so like what they're testing for isn't like okay. This whole fuck in took cocaine before looking for like cocaine metabolites. What they're looking for is things that recognize the virus but as we all get the virus together. Chances of the virus like particles are ornate whatever increases all. It's actually comparing the amount that you have to what the population has so. That's why like it actually adjusts outcome from the regular flu. Strain the virus. Each one has its own like quote unquote fingerprint. Good but because the way i understood like disease and virus and things like that is it's always around us but our immune system is what lets it come in or whatever. That's what's protecting us. Yeah so if you have a weaker immune system then you're more susceptible to getting like the severe case. But i think it's i'm sure it's based off immune system and terms the how it affects you. I'm sure we all have an equal chance of catching it say we're all like kissing someone that does have it and kiss the same person right but in terms of how it affects you. Because i've had people that were like no signs. no nothing. They just has positively quarantine other people that are telling me that them that they're literally on the brink of death luring young worst case scenario is death especially our pre existing conditions or whatever fuck. That's what sucks. Because like like my buddy he just had a sore throat and he's like yeah and then i like two two weeks and then he's like for two days he felt weird and that was it. I was talked in tim. His is kind of weird so for me. I had maybe a slight fever the first day and after that i was gone and then after two days i was pretty much eighty percent and then slowly getting better. He told me for about a week. Now the fevers on and off. It's like what ninety eight one zero to ninety nine. This is like he lost tastes. To and i was like. Did you finally right your movie now. Because he has nothing to do and he goes no but he's been killing it on all the pr stuff like doing radio. Talk radio interviews and talk show interviews because all online for his new. tv show. We had a few days ago in the blog. Tim tax you base to set up a meeting. Some people are like what the fuck. I thought they were both quarantine with other people were like. No that obviously means just set up a time to chat online all my god. That's so stupid. I was going to bring it up. I was like if so say tim. He has his baby like during these times. I wouldn't let up until like a year until i'd just vaccines over. Anyone see my kid. If had a baby now during these times i've heard of cases where like everyone says and people are still like i don't know why they invite them over anyway but just don't touch it. Don't like half like pitch my baby's chief. Don't give my baby kisses. i would just be like just. Don't come over. In general z. Kids a hard to take care of matt even with and we got tested so he tested negative. But like you know kids. They don't know what's good for them so even giving them like nyquil but they keep coughing all night. I'm like do you need this thing. That's going to help us by. Gotta get them that pink shit our drake that if they bottle that like in a drink forum it like they do this and yeah we give them the good on ice. No you can't drink it like now on the cherry. Whatever on he doesn't like gross man. Got on you can't do that. They updated the flavors like cherry grape.

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