Coronavirus: Florida to vaccinate seniors next


Staff and assisted living facility. Residents against the Corona virus continues around the state and some others over age 65. We'll start getting inoculations Monday. Governor De Santa says he'll order no mandates to get a shot. But things people will want to get one as more and more people have had it. it. More More and and more more people people have have been been interested interested in in getting getting it. it. We're We're obviously obviously not not going going to to do do any any type type of of mandate mandate in in Florida, Florida, but but I I think think people people look look they they see see and and it's it's worked worked by by and and large. large. I I think think very very well well for for most most people, people, So you're gonna continue to see I think more and more people showing interest in this. De Santis predicts that by February the vaccine will become available for some people under 65. Health officials have warned it will likely take until summer. Never mind

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