Kinda Cute -Ep. 70-Hilaria Baldwin Confusion and the Short Bois of 2020

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So she. Finally convinces chrissie to give this story. And it's so fascinating. Because christie comes across as i think very smart and not someone who would have the wool pulled over her is but as the reader. You're kind of like. How did it come to be that. She seems like she was so had the wool pulled over. Her is by this guy because she so convinced that he's in love with her and they kiss for the first time in jail and they've never hooked up like beyond it's just had a conjugal visit is not what it's called So it's just fascinating. Because she left her husband she just up ends her whole life because she's in love with this marin dude who's just kind of seems like a smarmy scumbag but she's like you know what you see of him in the public eye isn't really how he acts and it's not how we acted together and it wasn't the face he showed me. But then the real kicker at the end of the story is the writer of the article reaches out to martin in jail for a comment on the article and apparently he just wasn't very responsive and the only thing he says is basically like i wish her well but you know nothing more is coming from this so he says mr schroder skelly mrs. Smith's wishes miss smith the best of luck in her future endeavors. And that's all he says and then she just like is kind of devastating and she. She's her are wet. Her voice is quivering and she says she will continue to wait for him while he serves the remaining years of his sentence. I'm gonna try. She says i'll be here. So i just thought this whole story. It's definitely worth reading the whole article. And then the cuts at another article where they talked to the author and oscar. How she got the story and just kind of her thoughts and takeaways from it. So i think reading those in conjunction with each other is well worth a read moving on. Let's go to something a little light hearted to kick off this new year. This is called twenty twenty one a for short kings by sanita. Sing kurtz now. Last year we recap the big boys two thousand nineteen so. Let's get into the short kings this year and this is how sanjay describes a short king. She says naturally they'll be under six foot but you'll notice the short kings regal comportment before anything in the way the big energy suggests an intangible charisma the short kings height only compounds their magnetism. So here's the cut cutlass. Oh first off. Paul meskel of normal people and his sexy chain necklace. They say that he's one of the more prominent short kings of the year now. I only watched one episode of normal people. I couldn't get into it. I definitely see how he is very attractive. Just like wasn't vibing. Would that show didn't really like the girl character wasn't into it. Maybe i should give it another chance. But honestly there's just too much. Tv to watch. I can't be bothered if i'm going to suffer through eight episodes of bridgeton. I can't watch all of normal people you know next up dr fouled she. He stands at a slight five foot seven but apparently he played basketball in high school. And it didn't stop him from being a feisty point guard in short shorts striped socks. Yeah then we have quavo a five foot. Ten king and describes how he had a beautiful twenty twenty he found love after sliding into the dmz of rapper. So weedy i had no idea that quavo weedy where thing and apparently they did g. q. Did a profile on them and she says it's one of the loveliest reads of the year. So how the fuck did i not know about this. It's what i'm going to go. Read immediately after i finish this podcast and i hope you do as well then. We have a big baby next on the list. Now this was just a viral video of a big baby who looked like a full grown man. i didn't find it particularly cute but to each their own next up. Kenzees gonna love this one. Do you have any guesses kenzi. Yes she josh hutcherson which is accurate. I'd key had very notable year. Okay guess again. It's the animated variety.

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