US stocks rise in morning trading as 2020 winds down


Right now. They are moving higher this morning of this holiday shortened trading week. Looking at Dow Futures are up. 80 points a trading his thin by the way, But on the agenda today for investors pending home sales data will be out 9 a.m. your time. Oil, pushing higher on the third weekly decline in screwed stockpiles Oil $48 a barrel, However, trading is thin, too, in that market inventory data will be out later this morning. OPEC meets early next week We're the group will decide whether to add an extra 500,000 barrels a day of supply to the market in February, Saudi in Russian officials have reiterated their commitment to the group's agreement to support oil market stability. And Apple has a lead over Amazon is this year's best performer among large tech stocks. Apple is now up 84% for the year after rising 13% this month, according Donahoe Bloomberg Business on NewsRadio, some 40 ktrh

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