Why You Need a Signature Scent and How to Find One

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So. I used to wear this perfume knows wearing. I wore it for years. But then i i kind of stopped wearing. I don't know it didn't feel as me. so is it possible to like change. Your signature scent. Is that an absolutely. Yeah for sure we all kind of grow into you. Know what we appreciate more as our paced matures. Let's just say it that way. I think i think we all were like bubble gum lip gloss stuff white. Had you know and all of our sense tend to be more sweet or Fruity and those kind of things and we just kind of grow up in. so yes. you're your even your censh- taste can definitely change over time So it's totally normal to have you know maybe a signature scent when you were younger and then you maybe find something new. I have you know so many people that. Tell me that all the time. They're don't always wear this. But i found something new and this is it and so that's cool. It's neat to be able to transform yourself in that way i mean i. I don't really know a lot of people who i think. When i was growing up in the movies you would see all of these sort of boudoir and people would have like so many different perfume. Bottles reality. People don't really mix up their sense like they would. Let's say a lipstick shade. yeah. I think that it's wants people kind of know what they like. Most people tend to stick with it. Some people might have two or three different things on the counter. And that's a good thing. You're on your bathroom counter to have something that's a little bit sweeter for maybe daytime something. That's a little bit. You know a little bit deeper for like inter Even definitely switch it up with the seasons or whether you're out for the day or out in the evening That's okay. But i think having one that is continuous goto that you kind of fall back to is is always a good idea. Well i have. I'm so glad you today. Because i feel like prior just around like last february aroma. Valentine's name like. Oh i need to find a new sent. You know i feel like. I was going khloe phase at that time and i. I don't know i i really like it but i don't know if that's what i was going to stay married to. And then covert hits and not only do it hits but i got it and i lost my sense of smell. I'll be honest for the past. Year i've been wearing anything It comes to trying to find a signature set. Like if you don't have one. Where do you even begin. I think you begin with just things that you already know and are familiar with and what you're what you gravitate towards so most references are gonna fall into one of four categories. It's going to be woody. it's gonna be floral. It's going to be fresh or it's going to be orientale and so once you have an idea of what each of those are what they smell like. It's a lot easier to then find a signature scent that because you know. I liked something for example. That's fresh those are your kind of citrusy those things it's kind of like fresh cut grass the the clean water smell those. Those sites have smells that once. You know that that's what you'd like when you are reading about perfumes and they say they have you know notes of of citrus than you know that something you gravitate towards and give it a try that way so there are ways to figure out your signature scent even if you're like shopping online like we're all doing right now because we're you know can't go out of the house budget and so we're shopping online and i get it but there are still ways if you read the description of a properly studied the notes that are there you can decorate figure out at least get close to something that you know will be you know more your style. I feel like we just went through is three said. I'm like a bright citrusy which was What was the category for. That look shot fresh go or the other categories starting with equity like. Give us some ideas of woody. So what is going to be your more Kind of deep pachulia okay. musk's those type of sense are going to be a little bit more. Are you gonna be your in your woody category Floral is going to be your typical florals. You've got a half The any kind of rose and he kind of lavender All those that those kind of bright florals that you're used to That are very common in a lot of of of female perfumes. And then oriental. We don't feel quite as much. It's a little bit warm kind of spicier. A lot of men's colognes tend to have bass notes that are that oriental women's if they have those base notes they usually top it with something a little bit floral to balance it okay. So a lot of times you can play with more than one of those categories with. That's why i always tell people figure out you know kind of lied about those or categories figure out things that fall into those categories that kind of sparked your interest and look from there. I find what. I'm seeing a lot in in the marketplace or what i was seeing. Was that a lot of these sense that would be typically more masculine. Women are now starting to wear right. Like the lualaba son tall which to me is seems to be almost a very masculine. Send out. I know a lot of women. Women who are beautifully Yeah i am a big believer in the we. Don't call our sent feminine or masculine I believe that you know anybody can wear any sense with like especially because since change a little bit with your own body chemistry so you can put it on gonna smell a little bit different on everybody. I've worn colognes. You know quote unquote what they've labeled as cologne most of my life. I love a good unisex sense. And i really tried to educate people that unisex a real thing you know you remember. Do you remember. Ck one or you too young. now remember it. I mean. I actually just as saying right now. I can smell it one to me. Always this is so weird when you first open. A box of kellogg's frosted flakes the the first initial smell. And it's not like a sugar smell. Cq on a yeah. I shit you not. I mean not. Anyways there's something in it. Has that sort of ck one sentence but that's the thing that came out now and a lot of people were like. Well it's for both guys and girls so guys didn't want to wear because they thought it was too early and girls didn't wanna wear it. 'cause i thought it was gone and then people started to realize that you know not everybody but most people are trying to attract the opposite sex wearing something that both sexes would like anyway so it it become more popular thankfully and i agree that you know sense smells so different different people you know even between the same girlfriends can all wear go out for not wearing khloe and it's gonna smell slightly different on every single one of us. You're fairmont's your body chemistry the oils on your skin already all about gonna play into it. Do what it actually smells like. Put the same exact fragrance on somebody. It can smell very fresh and bright on one person in berry suite on another person and that's just the way it happens with with a lot of things so you have to find. That's why we say your signature sent you find one that works with you that you liked within also

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