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Kayla is joining us again Our store manager marcellina beach location. And we are back in twenty twenty one with a new formats. We are now on video. So if you're listening to this on itunes or spotify check us out online at mississippi a great way for everybody to get to know us better right. Definitely without masks without not. Math are after a long day of work. Because you definitely put your foot down to do this earlier in the day. He didn't wanna do those after work anymore. Would prefer not to especially if it's on video. No one wants to see me after a long day like that. Oh now yeah and then when we had our podcast room sweating profusely this past summer better. Yeah in our homes. It's much nicer Well yeah so. We're coming back to you now with the with the video and i think a lot of that has one of the great things that come out of the pandemic for us is where zoom experts now. So i was like. I'm like zoom gangster. Let's go ahead insisted on video. Do better so i want to quickly start in share. Why we keep coming back about our mission with the seven figure sauna canopy and ceylan. I we've been really talking about what we're doing. And our mission is to help thousands salon owners by twenty twenty five defined financial freedom. Especially since what's happened with the pandemic right wrong For my style leadership was tested. The most during this time The last twenty years. I realized all of it with an accumulation of managing eight different people and how they were dealing with the pandemic having an empathy about everyone's feelings were different trying to show that we were going to be okay not to worry for me navigating. Ppp safety regulations. I mean as an owner this year it was a lot are leaderships. Were really tested and you can tell the ones that kind of stood above. How how is it for you. Kayla like when we close being home. How are you feeling. I told you before but i was so glad to have you as my fearless leader. Because even though i was i was anxious i was scared. I was nervous. I never was anxious scared or nervous about us closing. I knew that was never going to happen. So thank you. Thank you for that welcome. I cried the car all right there. You're somewhere silence. Here's i just felt like. I didn't know what the future look like. You know the new changes and things that we would have to need to implement. But i do that. We were going to be. Okay thank you yeah. I think that's the most important was for salon. Owners was to make sure that their teens new. And i saw i saw a lot of that actually though online i saw you. Yeah in Any means swimming. But i saw few owners just happen to be women really rally for their teams and put go finally accounts do different things realizing that families were really suffering in we did really well with all of that and then the empathy that we had to have with the clients clients came back. They had been home for two and a half months ago. We actually built in an extra fifteen minutes just to socialize with the client where we talked about. You have to make sure that there's a human side to this now. It wasn't just a transaction right. Yeah and i have to receive like inexperience. This is there one place they might not have. Even you know gone to the grocery store. This is the one place that they are choosing to go to and spend money and be out of their home or out of there. You know they feel bubble up. So i think it was all about creating a safe environment for them where it turned customer service truly into a customer experience which is what we always talk about. But i mean. I really had like put our money where mouth was an make the happen for each and every client coming in. I think everybody grew in my in my opinion. I think all of my teen really level that we will talk about this later. This actually goes with our topic for today with our staff meetings and so forth which we've always talked about but we really rallied into those and changing things around But this goes back to helping the salon owners that right now people are going to need support and help navigating through all this more than ever and especially financially because i feel like this really showed who actually you know that saying where they said you had to have like six months of business financial. Put away you saw really. Was there who who is who built that strong foundation because a lotta times in beauty school well not a lot of times. I don't think really in any beauty school. it don't teach the fundamentals of business and that you have to have that safety net. 'cause you never know for that rainy day and the last rainy day i had was in two thousand and eight which we survived. Oh and i forgot. That's what i used to tell you guys. I said i made it through two thousand eight. Exactly yeah i think i'd be like I mean this program. This entire idea was earning needed cre- pandemic and so it really just is making it that much more necessary and you know to get these other helping other salons really get back on their feet or whatever it may be you know depending on the situation now. Yeah we'll now blurt how important yeah. That nation is sure well and so that goes into our topic today about new year's resolutions. Which i know a lot of people the word resolutions which i kind of do is welcome. Most people Them but you can call it goals. You can call it target outcomes whatever whatever your word is but most business owners that some kind of target for the new year. What i have found for us for strut is setting thirty day tasks and then ninety day goals and we check in every tuesday to see where we're at because you've noticed that right kay than started. Yeah because i don't think you can plan a year out right now or i don't feel confident planning that are you. Don't even know were dying noah. Yeah you just. I mean we're this is mid february. We'd you know in california and we don't know where we're going to be next month when we knew week to week. I think i would invite you to look at your tasks goals and try to do something. Maybe weekly monthly and then quarterly. And maybe some big stretch. Of course we have that. We have our thousand people by twenty twenty five. You know there's nothing wrong with that but you can. You can move around and be nimble right right and um so how are you doing with your goals. So far. we're six weeks then you realize to the year. That's so crazy like six weeks. Are you kidding me when twenty one six weeks. Yeah i feel like the weekly check ins while for me I really feel like they're detrimental to staying on track. Because if you can't implement the small things how are you going to get to the big thing right. Yeah every week and we check in. It's like okay like let's it's trial and error sometimes but at least we're still trying and implement so i feel like that's so important for me to do six weeks Really kinda just

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