A highlight from Gameplans & Building Legacy with Brandon Maye

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A home in the commercial buildings dirty. When i come in when they leave clean if you look at the real estate investor and i do with homes their homes that people have passed on and i say hey look you see the home over there. I want to bring it back to life. And i give it value in one day. Become somebody else in session. They love it so much. So that's why sub dominant arrived the dog take that beat up bank and field it up. Hey everybody welcome to the show today. We're going to have part. One of two. Mr brandon maize on the show and he's going to talk about his football days at clemson and going from the football field to the business field. This is a man who lead by example. We're going to talk about as high as and his lowest of lows and how to climb back out of that and go ahead and get some tissues ready because people. I say i don't cry. The my eyes leak during this one it is heartfelt and trust me. You don't wanna miss us. Hey i'm karen i'm former. Cpa entrepreneur business consultant with big ideas. Welcome to cheers to business. to the show. Thank you for having me. I think is perfect. Timing guys time. That's how you bet. I'm just excited to be on your show. Thank you so much. Have he'll here a this week. Janis people stories. Amaze me you know. I got to watch. Businesses for thirty years now and watching the different things of what instills people. I'm sorry it's not easy for anybody but it seems like those who have it a little tougher. Just they klom harder and i see that in you. Just my just tried to Be graceful trying to be grateful. Every day that i get opportunity to lael i look at the perspectives. My perspective every day is totally based. Oh god bless me with another day now more than ever do on his pandemic not occur on the virus are really starting to catch. On I think i was birthed with that. Mindset every day is a blessing every day as gill and we must take it as a blessed in a gear and everything guests extra cars. Close the house. Although the things are having a personal relationship with christ and understanding that this is a this day for me to make other people's better off. This is a dangerous. need some serve other people. This is a day for me to be one call to being one call to be just a survey just passing through as through this world. You know so just my perspective. My perspective on things really got me into this to be blessed. She have to get back. I'm sorry if you don't get back. You know i believe in karma and i believe in god in you know you do good. You receive good but if you don't do anything you don't get anything you don't you don't do it to get something you do it because it's right. It just happens that way. i said. Let's let's go back to the beginning. We kinda hit right in the middle of where we are now. Because i want to talk about the past the present and then the feature the past president future the i liked that also so the past the past would be the beginning. I was born and raised in prichard alabama in a two bedroom house. Tempe time on any given night. It was fifteen people. That's the way my mom and my grandma was eighty opened the doors for cousins and nieces and everybody else and so we just had a happy family grown up in this area as you know. Picture is a great area. People don't know that is actually a great areas. A lot of great athletes come out of a breach at a lot of great educators in much more come out of but we were surrounded by gun violence and killings and drugs and every single day and that you can imagine under the sun Been inner city kid and you have a choice to make you have a choice to go in a positive way. Negative and i think the biggest thing for us is. We had to god as my mom and my stepdad was a military gap and so he brought a lot of discipline in He really helped me on my three little sisters Stay on the right path. And i will maintain was being committed to greatness and excellence despite what it looks like. Despite the circumstances that despite the president we want to look for you said the past the present and the future we want to look in the future and

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