What To Tell Kids When The News Is Scary


Auntie whether it's a tornado or a terrorist attack whether the kids heard about it on the internet or on the playground six takeaways to help you and the little people in your life make sense of a world that can feel really overwhelming takeaway number one. We can control the amount of information we can control the amount of exposure rosemary. Says for starters trying to let your kids watch or listen or browse the news without you and try not to stream it or leave it plan on the background all day long because my parents had twenty four hour news just kind of on around the house throughout the day. I absorbed more news as a child. I probably should have. Molly lewis is one of the many folks who share their story with us. She was six years old when the one thousand nine hundred six murder investigation of jonbenet ramsey was getting wall to wall coverage. Joe ramsey and i were pretty much exactly the same age and i knew that murder was a thing but i had assumed up to that point that murder was just a thing between adults and suddenly i was learning that children could also be murdered. And what's worse. That could be murdered in their homes. Potentially by someone that very much trusted my gosh. That is such a heavy thing for a six year old absolutely and i mean but it's going to happen if kids much time with content. That's not meant for them. And i remember corey a couple of years ago. Common sense media reported that forty percent of parents of young children say the television is on always or most of the time in their home whether anyone's watching are not forty-two percent. Yeah yeah appearance of kids under eight right. Yes without realizing right. So it's pretty common. So i asked his about this. So concretely. should we have news on in the background when our young winner kids. Young kids are around. That's probably a good rule of thumb. Because you can't control you can't control these breaking stories which are always breaking so that's priority number one. But what if you did your best and your child's still sees or over here's something on playground or online. Yeah i mean you. And i both know when you can get a little older. You cannot control everything in here and so something's gonna come up. It's going to upset them. They're going to have questions and you're going to need to talk about it with exactly and that leads us to take away number two when you do have that conversation with your child about something. They've seen or heard that scared them. You need to begin by asking them what they know tear conley. The media researcher says to choose a quiet moment when the phones are down the. Tv's off maybe on the way to school allowing them to have that space where they're asking questions about what they're seeing how they're feeling and what do they think who they think. The story is talking about basically giving kids espace to reflect and she said this also gives them permission to bring up something that may really been bothering them. Also asking what kids already know. It's really important first step because anybody who has kids knows that kids often will develop these wild misconceptions when they don't know the full story and they have very little background knowledge and very little understanding of the wider world to help them here right like alison docker really warfare. Involved like hairy apes or the story from emily pro cop from connecticut. When the monica lewinsky scandal happened. I sincerely thought the whole thing was in the news because she got a stain on her dress. I was terrified that any stain. I may get on my clothes would end up being the laughing stock of my middle school. Die still get an uneasy feeling when i'm at a party and spill anything on my dress. I feel so badly for emily. That sounds

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