How the royal family is starting 2021

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the airport for the first show of twenty twenty one and although this year has gotten off to a slightly unusual starts we are here to bring you a slice of normality as a royal news agenda returns to i guess. Close to normal. Of course. i'm not just here by myself. I am joined by the lovely mackey. Really how good. I know you say it's the first episode of twenty twenty one. I think we were all so excited to get out of twenty twenty. But i don't know. I mean we're in lockdown here in london. A lot of twenty twenty seems to have carried over into twenty twenty one but like you said we have some royals news that will power us through in the new year as well so there are some some things to look up to. Yeah we haven't actually seen much of or any of the royals. Since the start of the year. I think some engagements from before the holidays have sort of started to trickle out stuff that may have been in that period. We'll talk about some of those a bit later on. But they seize traditionally a quiet time for the family engagements rarely resume to normal in that first week of the new year and of course this has been slightly different to other years. We are now officially in our third nationwide lockdown here in england and that of course will also change how the rules are working things that may have been scheduled to take place in person will have no doubt being delayed and i'm sure we'll sort of see of return unfortunately to those that weren't fans engagement. How many were zoom engagements. Can we survive omit. But i think we could get wyoming. Does this kind of a quiet time always for the royals a quiet time for everyone sort of after the holidays i always go into hibernation anyway january this time a little bit more enforced cannot leave your home but maybe the royals are also embracing that. I like to think omega. What do you think they're doing right now. Under lockdown like what are they locked down three point zero hobbies picking up. Well i would imagine for the cambridge is. It's probably a relief for them that they don't have to come straight back to london. Usually the kids will be returning to school around now of course with with the schools officially closed here. It means george and charlotte won't be returning to their school in london so from what i understand. The whole cambridge family is still at their home and mahal. We know that the queen and prince. Philip still nestle together windsor castle. It's a different time funny. You ask about where royals are. We saw something in the news a few weeks ago. About how princess. Eugenie and jan brooks bank had moved into promo cottage. Harry and meghan had opened the doors to the to the couple and then mysteriously there was a report saying that they had moved out and no one really knew exactly where they were. And i saw information today that the couple have actually been spending their holidays with sarah. Ferguson fergie andrew at wins a large home on the windsor estates. And so i'd imagine that that's probably weather. Remain up until much later in the air. Oh interesting so everyone's kind of just making it work right now. I feel like like everyone. People are finding wherever place they can to sort of hungary and ride this out safely as possible. And i think also things you mentioned the cambridge's and their kids going back to school. I also think you know all the sudden. They're becoming teachers at home. Just like so many working parents around the country and around the world that have to sort of figure out how to do home schooling with their kids all of a sudden. They're right back edit as well you kind of forget that they have to do things that the rest of the world has to do so i imagine. They're pretty busy making sure. The kids are occupied and entertained and having their education while they're also doing royal work. I have a friend who's a fairly new newcomer to the world of virtual teaching and taking their kid through these classes. And i think they were particularly disappointed to find out that they would be returning. A lot of people are calling january thirteenth month. I can tell you what about you. Have you discovered any new hobbyists lockdown. I have recently rediscovered my pokemon card collection with oh came back backup.

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