Top UN Officials Saddened At Mob Violence During US Capitol Breach

UN News


High. Commissioner for human rights has echoed concerns voiced by the un secretary general about mob violence at the us capitol building on wednesday which temporarily disrupted the confirmation of president elect joe biden condemning. What she characterized as destructive impact of sustained deliberate distortion of facts and incitement to violence and hatred by political leaders. Michelle basch said that electoral fraud allegations have been made to try to undermine the right to political participation. The un rights chief added that she was encouraged to see that senators have been able to resume their work. She called on political leaders including the president of the united states to disavow false and dangerous narratives and encouraged their supporters to do so as well at a sheduled press briefing in geneva on friday spokesperson for the high commissioner ravina shantou sunny cooled out the inciteful rhetoric that had incurred supporters of president trump to storm the us capital. We are concerned that some of the protesters were purely displaying symbols of racial and ethnic hatred and white supremacy including the confederate flag clothes displaying anti-semitic logos and a news erected from across the capital we condemn this display of overtly racist symbols. And we call on all the political leaders to also condemn the use of such overtly racist

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