Mark Gurman Dishes On The Apple VR Headset


It's a mark gurman apple scoop thursday this time. Mark has a whole mess of details about the rumored upcoming apple headset. Mark says its planned for a twenty twenty two launch will focus on vr gaming but also video and communications and it will only have at least at this point limited. A are features. Also it's not been easy to make and if you're expecting the low cost surprise of the first ipad. say maybe think again quoting bloomberg. The initial device has confronted several development hurdles. The company has conservative sales expectations illustrating how it will be to bring this nascent. Consumer technology to the masses apples. Typical playbook involves taking emerging consumer technology such as music players smartphones tablets and smart watches and making it reliable and easy to use for everyone. This time though. Apple isn't looking to create an iphone kit for its first headset instead. The company is building a high end niche product that will prepare outside developers and consumers for its eventual more mainstream. A are glasses. The plan suggests that apple's first headset will be far more expensive than those from rivals which cost about three hundred to nine hundred dollars. Some apple insiders believe the company may sell only one headset per day per retail store. Apple has roughly five hundred stores so in that scenario annual sales would be just over one hundred and eighty thousand units excluding other sales channels. That would put it on par with other pricey apple products such as the six thousand dollar mac pro desktop computer and apple spokesman declined to comment. Apple is aiming to include some of. Its most advanced and powerful chips in the headset along with displays that are much higher resolution than those in existing vr products. Some of the chips tested in the device. Beat the performance of apple's emlyn mac processors. The company has also designed the headset with a fan. Something that company usually tries to avoid on mobile products. That people said the headset code-named n three one is in a late prototype. Stage but is not yet finalized so the company's plans could change or be scrapped entirely before launch the aarp glasses code-named and for two one are in an early stage known as architecture meaning apple is still working on underlying technologies. This product is several years away. According to the people though apple has previously targeted as early as two thousand twenty three to unveil it the powerful processors and the inclusion of a fan initially led to a device that was too large and heavy with some concern about neck strain in early. Testing apple removed the space. Vr gadgets usually reserved for users. Who want to wear eyeglasses. Which brought the headset closer. To the face and helped shrink the size and to address consumers with poorer eyesight it developed a system where custom prescription lenses can be inserted into the headset over the vr screens. The people said apple originally planned to include less powerful processors and offload much of the work to a hub in a user's home that would wirelessly beam content to the headset. But that idea was squashed by johnny. Apple's design chief at the time. Bloomberg news reported last year. The headset designed to work as a standalone device. Meaning it can operate on a battery rather than be plugged into a wall or a mac that's similar to facebook's latest vr products while sony's requires a playstation gaming console to further reduce the devices. Wait apple is planning to use a fabric exterior. That's a departure from the metal designs apple uses for most products though it has used plastic for devices like airpods that need to be light and fabrics for the homepod speaker to improve. Acoustics prototypes of the headset. Some of which are about the size of and oculus quest include external cameras to enable some a are features. The company is testing using the cameras for hand tracking and is working on a feature. Where a user can type of virtually in the air to input text. It's unclear if that function will be ready for the first version of the device or if it will ever leave the exploratory stage and quote gherman hence that had covid nineteen not delayed development. We might have seen the headset this year. But he also stresses that the aarp glasses are the ultimate end goal. Here as apple sees that as a more mainstream product something that could sell numbers that could eventually rival the ipad apple watch or even iphone sales in the long run.

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