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Sunday. Should be great. We got a couple of old lions getting after it to Tom Brady. Let's start there. Tom Brady and his bucks Tom Brady, and his new is freaking swinging bucks. Going in a Lambo field to take on the droopy face Aaron Rodgers and his Packers. I'm lot of Rogers fan. I'm a Brady fan, but Listen to pump it isn't for me. It's really for you guys. Tony, would you mind standing up at the pulpit and dropping your Poly Mac podcast playoff predictions? My prediction is that no. One Well, not No. One Aaron Rodgers is playing is as good as he's ever played in his career. He's a beast and with Aaron Jones, Davante Adams, Robert Tanyon. Um, even Valdas scan Ling and Lazard. Um I don't see. Listen. Allez, Madame Scepter to, um, that The Saints turned the ball over four times Pretty did not play like he had an average game again. Saints, I think at 199 yards average Right, so the Saints gave that game away Granite. Granted, Tampa Bay made the place and they had to the Packers. They're not going to turn the ball over four times they may not turn it over at all. Although interestingly, the first time the Bucks and the Packers played earlier this year. Or I should say when they played early this year, Rodgers through an incredibly rare pick six. Yeah, that Tampa Bay defense, Tony, Do you feel like the Shannon? You're next? Don't worry. So, like lecture, let your heart takes kind of bubble up a little bit. I'm meditating before I preach. I understand. I understand that, Tony, do you feel like the Bucks defense, maybe slightly underrated. Uh or no, That's fine. That's why I'm asking you seriously underrated. He sure I mean there. I've known they've been They've been good. You know, they're good. They're good. But I don't think they're great. I don't think they're going to stop Rogers. I think a good game, but I think Green Bay wins by less than a touch down or a touchdown. I think Green Bay wins. Now they're also letting fans in the Lambo. Like what nine or 10,000 or whatever. So that actually does make a difference. Right? And the Aaron Rodgers said it actually helped his Outlook, his mindset running out of the tunnel and having fans. They're the Bucks beat the Packers earlier this year. I don't see them beating him twice. I don't see the Packers losing twice to the Buccaneers. It's gonna be a hell of a game. Both games. They're gonna be great games to watch. And I just But I do see the Packers advancing. You know, it's funny. Tony is last year, the Green Bay Packers played in the NFC championship that right here and Levi Stadium, and the Niners completed their two games Sweet because they beat him during the regular season and just absolutely dominated him. Yeah, Yeah, I've never seen I don't think I've ever seen Aaron Rodgers look more. Dejected that I did. I'm not kidding. In those two games. He played a Levi Stadium last year. He looked miserable against our defense. Before we check what's understandings, gowns and robes on the pulpit. Right? Just say that Steve younger earlier this week just yesterday as we're recording this Thursday, Steve Young said that last year Yeah, it's a bucks. We're playing Aaron Rodgers last year Bucks Windows and Roberts was quote in. Rogers was quote sleepwalking through the season last year. Why I didn't hear the rest of it. I haven't. But he did say that the Aaron Rodgers this year is just the M V P caliber. Yeah, when, um he's putting ball ladies putting balls dropping dimes right in the laps. Not to say Brady isn't but I just think that The Tampa Bay as they should took advantage of the Saints four turnovers and left there with the victory. I don't think that happens in green bag. All right, well, the voice you just heard his creative Tony of the can be our creative

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