Me. Cockney Barrett. We don't really know yet a whole lot about what sort of justice she is going to be in.


To remember is as much as we'd like to talk about a separation of church and state. It's always the same people who are entering the sanctuary to go to mass and who are coming out of the sanctuary to go toe work, whether they go to work in a factory or a taxi cab or a university or at the United States Supreme Court how we practice our faith. Each of us individually determines a whole lot about how that's going to play itself out. In terms of public life, Whether we're voters or whether we're public officials, I think the jury is still out on me. Cockney Barrett. We don't really know yet a whole lot about what sort of justice she is going to be in. One of the things that certainly happens with justices on the Supreme Court. I think we've seen this with John Roberts eyes The time on the court tends to change and surprise. Even the justices themselves. Last question, You know, there's been a lot of debate as to whether we should even use the lens of religion to analyze. Our public officials are justices. What are you thoughts on that? Religion, Whether it's Catholicism or not, is going to tell us something about a person. Not going to tell us always something good or something bad, But it's just another piece of information to understand who a person is. Who we should want in public life at the end of the day isn't a resume. I don't think certainly a job like president of the United States. There is No resume that can prepare anyone for it. Not even someone with this much experience is Joe Biden. What? We're looking for his decency. What? We're looking for his empathy. What we're looking for is someone who understands that this job is about the people who are being served, and not about the person who's sitting in the office. How a person practices their faith can tell us an awful lot about how they're going to hold that office. And I think that's one of the interesting things about watching Joe Biden and thinking about Joe Biden as a Catholic as much as any of those other public officials. That's Stephen Milly's

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