Get in here. I mean, the closest was last year. I guess


Between the 6:40 P.m. kickoff between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City chiefs in the NFC championship game, the first time the bills Are one win away from the Super Bowl since 1993 of the 1993 90 94 season where they lost that fourth and final Super Bowl. So, man, what did that again? I'm 23 years old never happen in my life, Not even close. To get in here. I mean, the closest was last year. I guess that tenant six making the playoffs in 2019 or ending the drought in 2017. This is a new kind of excitement. It's a new kind of pressure. You know, 2017 will always hold a special place in the hearts of those fans ending aid almost a two decade Long drought, right? And then last year was special, too, because it's like the first step for Joshua and getting your second year franchise quarterback a playoff game under his belt. But now, you know, being just rolling through the regular season being the two seed winning two playoff games. This is different Now there's an expectation here. There is a new kind of pressure in there playing for something much more. Just a wild card berth. They're playing for a Super Bowl and they got to go through the best to do it. They've got to go through the Kansas City Chiefs, the reigning Super Bowl M v p. Patrick Mahomes. They gotta get through after that, If they win tonight, they're going to get through. One of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Whether that's the greatest, I think in Tom Brady, whether it's Aaron Rodgers in the Green Bay Packers. The Bills have a quarterback gauntlet to get through if they won the Super Bowl, so there's no calling it a fluke. If the bills win it all this year. It was certainly challenging. They had to get through a potential Hall Famer and Philip Rivers, the reigning M V. P and Lamar Jackson last week, then Mahomes and then maybe Rogers or Brady. It's not gonna be easy, but if they do it, what a story it be, and it's not just for bills fans, not just for Chiefs fans, but just in general is appear in FL fan. I cannot wait for this matchup between the top two passing attacks in football this year. I think the entire NFL out of anybody, these are the two best passing attacks. You know the numbers say Green Bay. Obviously, Tampa Bay's up there as well. But I think these two teams If I trust anybody to win a game by throwing 40 Plus times, it's probably the Chiefs and it's probably the bill. So that's exciting. You have to star young, exciting quarterbacks, mobile quarterbacks that take shots. These air gun slingers. They're gonna push the ball down the field. They're not going to check down a lot. And why would they When you have weapons everywhere, Josh Allen is to find digs to throw to Cole Beasley, John Brown. Patrick Mahomes Has Travis Kelsey Tyree Kill me. Cole Hardman will see if Sammy walk ins ago today,

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