You're Going Somewhere. Are You Going Where You Want to Be Going?

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This is the jaakko underground podcast number. Four with echo. Charles in me jaakko willink good evening echo. Also joining us. Good deal dave good. Evening gave all right. Let's get into the topic of the day. So i know we. We recorded a podcast earlier today. About the marine corps document and Called competing and i of through some stuff at you today. Kind of the in that opening talking about this this leadership and influence continuum so i had neck issues my neck menaka had. I had a problem with my neck. I had woke up one day. This was years ago. I woke up one day and couldn't move. My right arm didn't move So so imagine that you wake up and you can't be right arm. Had some so mean went to the doctor and they started figuring out what to do. Because i had basically some problems in my neck that was causing friction on the nerves. That control my right arm. So i had to do some physical therapy in of and eventually it said they said you know you're gonna need to get surgery to fix this problem. Okay so They gave me basically two options. Well one option was. Don't get surgery in your the longer. It's in this condition the worst chance. It has of recovering. So that's not good but you can't do it if you don't wanna take any chances of getting surgery so the two options so one was called a frame anatomy which they go in through the back of your neck and they basically chip away at some bone and they give the they give some breathing room for your nerves. The other one they gave is the other option. They gave us get a fusion where they go off the front of your neck and they basically carve a bunch of bone out and then they fused your neck together so they can't move that one is considered to be the has has a superior result m- most of the time it's also the last. It's also the last resort. Also you can't escalate from there the other one if you let's say you got the frame and the one going through the back and it didn't go well. I didn't have the impact that you wanted to to have. Well then you could go well. It didn't really work the way i wanted to now. I wanna get the other one so you at least had one more option so as i considered this actually there was a. There's the you talk through the possible problems that you could have one of the problems and this was back in the day so one of the problems that you can have when you get a fusion going through the interior of your neck of the your neck when they're going in there they're close to your vocal cords and they can cut your vocal cords and you can't talk anymore which back then. It's kind of scary to think now. Since the only thing i do for a living is talk. That would not have been cool. And i was thinking at the time. Well i i'm in a leadership position. I need to be able to talk to people that could be a problem. Also there's you can die. You know you can. They can just screw up and you can just paralyze you or they can kill you so as i'm talking to the doctor. Who was the best neurosurgeon in the milit- in the navy on the west coast at the time he was the really skilled guy and i you know he said so. You die you this. And that. And i said yeah you know what are the chances i mean what i said. How many how. Many sides are on that dice. Though said like ten thousand and he goes about two hundred. I said to myself. That's okay not exactly what i wanted to hear. But then i told him i said hey. Listen if i can if my friends can get hit with giant pieces of shrapnel flying through the air and live. I'm sure you would a scalpel on sterilized. Surgery table you can make this happen. And so i ended up choosing the frame and autumn me to go in through the back and the main reason why i chose it is because you can escalate from there i had room to maneuver right. I there was some place to go. If the fusion front fusion doesn't get the desired result. You're just stuck with no with with that. That's what you're stuck with so we don't want to paint ourselves into a corner. As far as i can tell i never wanna pay myself with. Do co. corner. I never wanna leave myself without any options. I don't want to dig in to a particular position. I want to be in a situation. That i can't get out of and this is why it's such a strange thing because that should be your attitude. As far as i'm concerned. I don't know i'm in my opinion. Your attitude should be. I don't want to be stuck in a position. She feel to feel wrong. If you're trapping yourself in a position which is weird because there's a counter to that. Which is you have to be super determined right you have to be. You have to be super determined

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