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Sure. But artists also played a big role as you might have heard. Earlier in the show. We got to see Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez perform. There was an art installation at the National Mall. But outside of Washington, one particular piece of art really struck us. Hoarsely. Allah Barriers is a poet from Chicago. He often writes about his identity as a Mexican American from a mixed status family, And this week he was commissioned to write a new poem. It's called the People's Inauguration. It's your part of it. So let our imagination be as expensive as our love These In the beginning, there were no police until someone imagined them. So let's imagine the end of policing. Imagine medicine for the sick. Imagine bread for the hungry and don't stop imagining and struggling until we have a country worthy of inauguration. Jose Olivera is reading some of his poems, the people's inauguration. Put the olive areas as poem was commissioned by a U. S non profit called the Center for Cultural Power. And for more Jose's on with me on the line on Zoom from Jersey. Hi, Jose. How are you? I'm good. How are you, Tom? Powerful poem. Thank you. How are you doing? It's been ages since we talked. How you holding up? I'm holding up, Okay. All things considered, you know, the most important thing is everyone's been able to stay safe. So I feel really lucky and grateful for that. Well, we're lucky and grateful to have yet In the end that poem, which is which is beautiful in we're gonna get some poetry from your later You refer to a country worthy of inauguration. When you were watching the inauguration. Were you in any way confident that this new president might be able to steer the ship in that direction? I'm hopeful that at the very least we won't Live under the constant kind of terror and anxiety of the last administration, where we just, you know, would wake up to news that there was you know the Muslim bin and then the next day, there was another catastrophe. And so it feels like At the very least, it won't be four years of one catastrophe after the next I feel a little bit less a little more hesitant, saying anything more than that, because I think there's this idea that a return to normalcy is good enough. But normalcy was not good enough. Normalcy still meant that a lot of people were living. We're still suffering. So for me, we have to do better than just getting back to the way it was before Donald Trump one of the most beautiful moments of the inauguration, Certainly one of the most standout moments was from the poet Amanda Gorman. 22 years old youth poet laureate. I can see you getting excited as I talk about this. She brought the house down housing significant Was it for you to see poetry used like this. It was so powerful and so great. You know, Amanda is like you said, 22 years old to see a young person. Given that opportunity to shine, I think just goes to show You know how many talented poets there are in that young people when given the opportunity can really rise to the moment. So I was really happy to see a man that just absolutely crushed it on that stage and as a poet yourself, it must have been so exciting that all these songs did very well. But it was a poem, a poem that reached so many people that made such an impact. Absolutely, And the poem was so musical. I mean, you could hear the rhyme scheme and the different rhythms that Amanda incorporated. My favorite moment is she has a line that said, You know something along the lines of harm for none and harmony for all that little flip is just so beautiful and I think worthy of what of what we want and what we're trying to build. Well, I'm excited to listen to some poetry from you as well. You're going to read from his later on,

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