Irving Scores 39, Nets Cool Off Los Angeles Clippers With 124-120 Win


The clippers. Were playing their sixth game of a road trip there on the east coast playing their fifth game in seven nights and the nets got great performances by kevin durant twenty eight points on eleven of thirteen inch eleven. Thirteen james harden a triple double with twenty points twenty three fourteen. Eleven hardens been fantastic playmaker. Those who've called him a selfish player have always said my beef with harden is. He doesn't knock down bigshots when it matters most in the playoffs. It's never been that. He's selfish by the way. His defense is underrated too. It's never been that. He's selfish. He the reason he took so many shots is. That's what this team needed him to do now. They need them to do other things. He's doing the other things. He's a great player but to be a you know an all time great player. He needs to hit shots in the playoffs. So those guys played really well. Kyri irving went for. What was it thirty nine points. His season high and just put on a show. He's the best show in the nba. Even with all of that. Paul george had to miss a wide open three. That would have tied the game in order for the for the nets to win wide. Open three hundred. Another guy doesn't need clutch shots. Paul george mrs or else. Maybe the nets don't win. They have to store. Played a better defensive effort yesterday. Have to start playing defense and not only that. They're going to need to bring another body jeff green in the starting lineup at the five. It doesn't work. Jeff green at the four make

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