The Whos In & Whos Out? Edition


With professor zohar amar devito lose and alexander novak of bar ilan university as well as dr Shamir of the israel antiquities authority published. This week in the two point seven. Four impact factor journal plus one or public library of science one. A soko article called early evidence of royal purple dyed textile from tim. The valley regular readers of the magazine archaeology of the archaeological institute of america. Let's be frank. We should all be regular readers of the magazine archeology. We'll have learned all about this research in an excellent notice. they're called purple died. Iron age textiles discovered in israel. And what they will have learned. Is that ben youssef and his colleagues turned up at the ancient tim. The minds about twenty five kilometers up the road from a lot three bits of fabric. One a tassell one a. We've and won. A puff of wool fibres dating back to about a thousand bc. Give or take the time of king. David and king solomon every bit of fabric died in argaman the hebrew word for true or royal purple as the curator of organic fines at the israel antiquities authority. Dr amazon cannock says quote. This is a very exciting and important discovery. The first piece of textile ever found from the time of david and solomon died with the prestigious purple die in antiquity purple tier was associated with the nobility with priests and of course with royalty for the first time we have direct evidence of the dyed fabrics preserved for some three thousand years. End quote the tassell. The swatch and the tough survived because tim. Now in the middle of the desert is bone dry now. Having found the dyed fabric the scientists set out to discover how the di was made

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