‘I feel betrayed’ — Ken Langone blasts Trump and Capitol rioters, vows to support Biden

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Katie kramer today on our podcast. Ken langone in an extended interview. The famed investor and home depot co-founder weighs in on crisis in the capital feel. the trade. Last wednesday was disgraced. It should never have happened in this country. And if it doesn't break every america's heart something's wrong it breaks my heart. In spite of civil unrest he certain about one thing or i care about is one thing january twentieth. Biden's go to be sworn in as president. And i'm going to work my ass off anyway i can. If he's a great suggestion. President we all went. Landon speaks out as the patron of a major new york hospital and a product to the city's public schools. What are we going to start as a nation to realize double to be eaten alive by our foreign competitors for one basic reason. Public education in america is disaster. And i've said years ago. What are we gonna fit. And he's got a message for the one percent we need to put. The greater good of the country. Had a philosophical beliefs are on our own aspirin. You want to spend more money. You know what i'm saying is let's pay more taxes. Everybody i know that's a feels the same way. It's

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