A highlight from 439: Babcock in, Milbury Out; Blues Sign Hoffman; All-Canadian NHL Division Will be Fantastic


Ontario jim ford and popeye supplements james. How're things today. you're fired. What did i do. Your part they fired mike. Milbury they gassed here in the midnight. Hour to hire. Mike babcock sent me a headline there. Yeah well mike milbury has been suspended for for quite a while and they just We just find out now with the announcement that mike babcock. The formerly head coach is going to be an analyst for nbc. They quietly announced that. Mike built my mike. Milbury will not be back. Wonder about like. I get the idea of putting names in there. But it's a tough gig you know. It's a tough gig to do. Color commentary and i always thought when i saw new guys doing it. They need a lot of practice you know. Tsn needs to roll them through their like nothing member. I go back to like. I remember craig. Mctavish was doing it for a while. He was pretty good but it took. It took a while for the guys to sort of find their fa find their pace. Did it to like john. Tortorella and paul maurice anyway. I hope he's okay. I i used to think. I don't care who's doing. I don't care what was doing until you see. Someone is not very good. And you're gonna get rid of this guy. It's no good. It's no good well. So what's what's really strange in the big sport of you know the big business of sports that that would be the gig for the guy and not not a coaching gig somewhere. I bet he's been offered a bunch of assistant gigs and probably said no. I'm guessing he wouldn't wouldn't take that no not not while he's still making nhl head. Coaching money's just sort of riding that for a little bit and that's that's generally what happens. They'll discontinue to make their nhl head. Coaching dough do something to stay relevant. Stay in the game. And then when the contract expires. They suddenly disappear from broadcasting. Someone hires them. Anyway i'll tune in for sure. I'll be curious to see how he does. It's it's a bit odd though the the nba nbc guys. Go ahead and just. They're cool. With what mike babcock. Did i guess because it wasn't while he on nbc's watch. We saw jeremy roenick and now mike milbury removed because of controversial comments that involve the fairer sex. And this was a case of. Mike babcock Doing something pretty miserable to a young rookie in mitch. Monir and the talk was that babcock had asked martyr. And some other rookies in. Come up with the guys on the team. Give me a list of guys in your limited time with the club. Your new teammates. Which guys are really hard working and which guys are lazy and so martyrs. Like well okay. Coach wants to do that. Supplies them the list. And mike babcock immediately reads it off to the teammates and That did not sit very well in the leaf dressing room for sure and you know. It's a jerk move. It certainly doesn't rise to the level of the things that milbury and roenick had said but it's still kind of ugly and Be interesting if you know something like that. Happens on the nbc. Watch would they would. They treated the same way. I it seems inconsistent to me. Well when i heard that story originally babcock getting them to lay lay down names and then and then taken the names embarrassing. The guy throwing him under the bus and going to the rest of the team says here's what here's what was a minor who pulled in the. So here's what marna says about you. Guys i mean. Could you imagine steve. Did you imagine if you're sitting there you go. What the f. are you kidding me. That sort of that sort of becomes a mental health issue. The guy's insane you know of all of all examples where coaches and players always preach about team and what goes on in the room stays in the room etc etc. We're all in this together. It's all for one. The more cohesive. We are the better. That axes that bodes well for all on the same page blah blah blah blah blah. Right and. then you get the guy do this. It's like well. That's the complete and utter opposite of team who do that Well with the primarily american audience. The thing i'm interested in seeing is what americans think of that as a thick schedule. Accent that mike babcock is your you the book. We're doing their kunar. They're good for chicken thirty tomorrow in the goal there. Could it be kind of interesting to see what americans think of that he will eat. Certainly perpetuate the stereotype i. I'm just laughing. Stevie and all the while nights that are probably tuning. Had gone. Steve stevens hacking on our accent. What's going on. That's eight now. Setting that aside the accent and everything. I do think he'll do a good job. I do think he is a good communicator. I do think he knows the game. Well so have you set aside that That incident and what you think about the guy. I think it'd be fine. He'd be good all right moving quickly along. Obviously one of the big stories of the day was Mike hoffman signing on with saint louis blues. He gets a one year contract. Worth four million dollars is kind of an interesting story.

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