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New york is severing all contracts with the trump organization. Our legal team has done the suspect in the contracts. Make very clear if a company Leadership of that company is engaged in criminal activity. A we have the right to settle. The contract. city is just one of the many entities that is announcing severing ties with trump. We recorded the show as the house was getting ready to vote on. Trump's second impeachment so president trump and his company suffered greatly from political backlash from covid nineteen. It was not in great shape even on election day. In so as trump faced his inevitable return to private life and return to his business. There was some problems but they were fixable problems. The trump works started. A lot of the partners would stood with it through his whole presidency through charlottesville through although points. What's happened in the last week. Is that those partners. Some of the key sort of supports to the trump organization. Business have started to leave. Two of its banks have said that they are not going to do business with them anymore. The new york times reported that deutchebanks trump's most important lenders as it doesn't want to have any contact with trump going forward to real estate brokers have left it's lost the pga championship. Which was this huge golf tournament. That would both bring trump a lot of personal prestige but also bring a lot of notice and attention to the gulf world to his property. Lost this chance to host another golf tournament. That british opened that trump had always wanted. And it's lost its e commerce store that trump store which i make fun of sometimes because they sell like trump scented candles but it brought at least nine hundred thousand dollars in so the things that had been sort of chugging along working normally even during the chaos the trump administration many of those have started to fall away leaving. This company is kind of a pariah even among its own longtime friends. You start with this anecdote about tom. Barrack calling trump and saying get out gracefully for the future of your business. Tell us what happened. That was a really interesting anecdote. So tom barrack. Who was the chair of trump's inaugural committee a famous businessman in his own right one of trump's close friends called him the november election when trump was contesting the election that he'd clearly lost and said look. Your business is going to suffer. Get out of this. His words were be elegant. The elegant about this and get out and concede with grace and move on. If not you'll damage your family will damage your aides and you'll your business. Obviously trump didn't listen to that. So trump not listening to barrick. What's happened is exactly what barrick predicted which is ruined for his business and the in a pariah status it hadn't had before i mean it seems like the losing. Pj twenty twenty. Two bedminster was kind of the a to rotate moment of the trump presidency. That is what really seems to have felt incredibly betraying from trump's perspective. This what we've been told as well. I think this is important for two reasons. One trump. it's been years and years trying to get this pga tournament. This was awarded to his course in two thousand fourteen. Eight years before it was going to be held. This was gonna be a chance for him to be on national. Tv to hobnob with golf greats. So it was an important for his business. He'd been working on for a long time. The other was golf. Had been this world. That trump cared a lot about that stood by him in sort of a social way even after everything that happened his business. Think about everything. That's happened all the other folks that have cut their ties with them. There was no world like golf. That stayed by him so thoroughly tiger woods who still does business. With trump took the medal of freedom from him gary player and annika sorenstam two gulf retired golf legends. They accepted the medal of freedom from the morning after the mob attack. You know he's still had this tie golf. I think for trump there might have been since then he's lost one of the most loyal constituency has outside of his family. Zack in two thousand seventeen. And i've been thinking about this because you know there's been some recent actions regarding the investigation of the twenty seventeen inaugural committee in what. The trump hotel was charging and basically the dc attorney general. Carl racine says the trump hotel in two thousand seventeen was charging what he calls unlawfully high rates it was the trump hotels moment there was donald trump and his family and they owned a hotel when he was being inaugurated in people wanted to come to washington and it was just sort of the perfect recipe. And now you've called it a ghost town. I mean can you trace for us. The ark of the life of the hotel during the trump era. Sure you know i. It was kind of what's going to happen here. You know the president said he would separate himself from his businesses and it was immediately clear from inauguration that was not going to be the case and all of a sudden there was an influx of embassies having events there and you could find senators and a lot of political spending their and the hangers-on would show up. It was a good place to be seen and get tourists in there and it seemed to be dwindling. A little bit even before kovac's the embassies were one and done customers kuwait. Had i think it was three parties three national day parties there and did not come back for its fourth year so we were seeing that decline anyways. Covert certainly accelerated. That in that legally people could not be there and you're seeing the campaign spending dwindled to were mostly the money being spent to trump hotels trump campaign and trump victory. And now you've seen the inauguration for a long time. I think it was back in june. I i noted that week was all blocked off. It was xdr off on their reservation schedule and all of a sudden it opened up like about two or three weeks ago and room rates were going to the high was about twenty two hundred dollars and now because of the covert restrictions the restaurant and bar. You can't get in there. It's room service only now. Apparently room service is still doing well. The hotels manager tweeted the other day that they had record numbers room service the week of the riott so not sure why he decided to share that information but you know it was an interesting data point that he gave us now when he when he did tweet that out he also blurred out the pictures of the tv that were in behind him. Mostly because we're going to assume that he was probably showing the insurrection. His boss caused so question. And both what have been the communications from the trump. Org of late. I have not gotten any personally. I don't know if i certainly asked. But there's been this eric trump. There was an interesting interview he did last night. He called the to talk about what happened. All these business partners leaving and he said oh this cancel culture. You know this is sort of comparing it to when liberals cancelled somebody for having the wrong political views online and then the ap to their credit said well. Do you think your father. Inside of the mob on wednesday and then the line went dead and eric trump hung up. So that's the sort of level at which they're processing this which doesn't seem to be very advanced. One thing i thought was really interesting. I was looking at a lot of trump wars twitter accounts last night. Eric trump hasn't tweeted since teens. Erection trump orgasm tweeted since january first but michaela court. The guy who is the general manager of the trump hotel in dc has for some reason. Been the one who's carried on as if everything is fine so he. He tweeted after the insurrection. They were getting great room service. Numbers zack said. Then i noticed that he's still calling the atrium this sort of central lobby of the trump hotel in dc america's living room america's living on we'll be open and then okay and it's not going to be open because kobe

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